Game of Thrones season 8: Wetin pipo do to watch di premiere

No worry dis tori no contain spoilers.

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Game Of Thrones return for di number eight and final season on Monday morning afta nearly two-year absence.

HBO show di episode one of di fantasy epic at di same time for US and UK, even pipo for Africa catch di moment.

Hardcore Nigerians fans get to stay up until 2am (0100GMT) to return to di Westeros winter for di first time since August 2017.

Secrets reveal and families reunite as di battle for di Iron Throne iincrease, and di 'undead' army approach ever closer.

If you be fan of GOT (Game of thrones) How market?

Pipo wake up on Monday morning to see say everthin ontop dia twitter trend na about Game of Thrones.

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BBC Pidgin Usifo Omozokpea wey host viewing party wit some friends to watch di GOT 8 premiere say some pipo wey wait to watch am for oda channels begin beg for links online to take watch am and pipo wey neva watch am no even wan hear wetin happen inside till dem fit to see am by dia self.

Di main question go still be weda di show go dey worth am wen pipo finally see am and wen dem go fit to see am?

Wetin pipo do to watch di premiere

Oscar-winning American actress Reese Witherspoon also wow for Got wen she tweet.

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According to HBO last month, 81 million pipo bin watch di trailer across all online platforms (including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) inside just 24 hours.

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Episode one, starring Williams, Kit Harington as Jon Snow and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, as well as Lena Headey's Cersei Lannister,get running time of 54 minutes which be like di shortest of di eighth season.

The third instalment na dem say go be di longest, running to 82 minutes.

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