Alan García: Peru former president kill imsef as dem wan arrest am

File foto of former Peru president Alan García
Wetin we call dis foto,

Dem accuse Alan García say e take bribe from Brazilian company wey dem call Odebrecht

Former Peruvian Presido Alan García don die afta e shoot imsef as police come im house to arrest am on top bribery accuse.

Dem rush oga García go hospital for di capital, Lima. Di current Presido for di kontri, Martín Vizcarra na im come later confam say e don die.

Plenti crowd of supporters gada outside di hospital building, but police officers try to push dem back.

Dem bin sama oga García accuse say e collect bribe from Brazilian construction company Odebrecht - but im bin deny di accuse.

Mr García serve as president from 1985 to 1990 and again from 2006 to 2011.

Wetin happun for im house?

Dem bin send officers to go arrest Mr García for im house wey dey di tush area of Miraflores.

Interior Minister Carlos Morán tell reporters say wen police reach di house, Mr García tell dem say im wan make phone call, e come waka enta im room, close di door.

Minutes later, na so dem hear di gun shot, Police come get to by force di door open see say Mr García siddon for chair wit bullet wound for im head.

Wetin we call dis foto,

motor wey dey carri coffin park for di hospital as dem announce say Mr García don die

Ricardo Pinedo, wey be Mr García secretary, tok say di former president get four or five weapon inside im house, wey be gifts wey im receive from di military, and e use one of dem to shoot imsef.

Dem do emergency surgery for Mr García inside Casimiro Ulloa hospital for Lima.

Health Minister Zulema Tomás tok say dem even try to bring Mr García back to life three times afta im suffer cardiac arrests before e come finally die.

For one post inside Twitter, Mr Vizcarra tok say im dey "shocked" wen e hear say di former president don die and im send e condolences to di family.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Supporters gada outside di hospital to cry

Wetin dem accuse Mr García of?

Investigators say e collect bribes from Odebrecht during im second term for office, dis dey link to one metro line building project for di capital.

Odebrecht agree say dem pay almost $30m (£23m) in bribes for Peru since 2004.

But Mr García maintain say e na victim of political persecution, for one tweet on Tuesday e say "no clue or evidence" wey dey against im.

For November last year e apply for political asylum for Uruguay but e no work.