Nusrat Jahan Rafi: She report sexual harassment, dem burn her to death

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Na kerosene dem take baf Nusrat Jahan Rafi, come put fire ontop her for her school for Bangladesh. Dis no reach two weeks afta she report say her her headmaster ask am for sex.

Di mind wey she bin get to tok about di sexual harassment, her death afta dem set am on fire and all di oda tins wey happun shock Bangladesh and e also show say victims of sexual harassment no safe at all for di South Asian kontri.

Nusrat wey bin dey 19 years bin dey go one Islamic school. On March 27, she say di headmaster call enta im office come dey touch touch her di way wey im no suppose. Before tins pass be careful she run comot.

Many young girls and women for Bangladesh prefer to keep quiet about dia sexual harassment or rape experience becos dem no wan make dia family or society shame dem. Wetin make Nusrat different be say she no only open mouth tok wetin happun to her, she also bin go police wit di help of her family on di day wey e happun.

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Pipo don protest for Dhaka and for Feni - Nusrat hometown

For di local police station she bin give statement, dem suppose look for place wey dey private and safe to tok about wetin happun to her. Instead di police wey dey in charge use im phone take film her as she dey describe wetin happun to her.

Inside di video Nusrat no dey comfortable at all and she try hide her face wit her hands. You fit hear as di police dey tok say wetin she dey complain about "no be big deal" and im dey tell her to remove her hand from her face. Dem later leak di video give local tori pipo.

'I try take her go school'

Nusrat come from small village and very strict family, and she bin dey go religious school. For girl like her, to report sexual harassment case na suicide mission. Usually victims dey face judgement, harassment - face to face and for phone - from members of dia society and sometimes serious attacks. Nusrat experience all dis tins.

Afta she go police on 27 March, dem arrest her headmaster. Na so tins come worse for Nusrat. some pipo gada for street dey do i-no-go-gree make dem for release am. Na two male students arrange di protest and some local politicians bin show. Pipo begin blame Nusrat. Her family begin worry say she no dey safe.

But dat no stop her o. On 6 April, 11 days afta di alleged sexual assault, Nusrat go school to do her final exams.

"I try to take my sister go school and try to enta di premises, but dem stop me, dem no allow me enta," Nusrat broda, Mahmudul Hasan Noman tok.

"If to say dem no stop me, sometin like dis for no happun to my sister," im tok.

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Nusrat Jahan broda cry for her burial

According to statement wey Nusrat give police, her fellow female student bin tell her say dem dey beat one of her friends na so she cari go ontop roof. Wen Nusrat reach roof top about four or five pipo wey wear hijab cover face gada her and dem bin pressure her to withdraw di case against di headmaster. Wen she refuse dem burn her.

Police Bureau of Investigation say di killers bin "wan make am look like suicide." But dia plan fail as pesin come save Nusrat afta dem run leave her. She bin fit give her statement before she die.

Wen dem cari Nusrat go hospital, 80% of her bodi don burn. As di small hospital wey dem cari her go no fit treat di wound dem send her go teaching hospital.

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Nusrat relatives dey mourn dia pikin death

Inside ambulance, she fear say she fit no make am, na im she record her statement for broda phone.

"Di teacher touch my bodi, I go fight di crime till I die," you fit hear her tok.

News of Nusrat condition full all di news fo Bangladesh. On 10 April she die. Thousands of pipo gada for her funeral.

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Plenti pipo gada for Nusrat village to attend her burial

Police don arrest 15 pipo, seven of dem get hand for di killing. Inside di pipo wey dem arrest na di two students wey bin organise di protest to support di headmaster. Di headmaster imsef still dey police custody. Di policeman wey bin film di sexual harassment complain, dem remove am from im position transfer am go anoda department.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina meet Nusrat family and promise say evri pesin wey get hand for di killing must face justice. "None of di pipo wey get hand go escape legal action," she tok.

Dis tori na Mir Sabbir from BBC Bengali