Game of Thrones: Five true events wey ginger di feem wey dey break records

George R.R. Martin (centre) posing with some of Game of Thrones' protagonists

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George R.R. Martin (centre) get inspiration from tins wey don happun for history for some of di beta tori wey happun for GoT

Game of Thrones, di HBO feem wey dey di 8th season na one of di most successful fantasy productions.

Di first episode of di current season wey show for 14 April, get more dan 17 million viewers for di United States alone - record for HBO.

Still, even though di tori involve magic and dragons, di series dey closer wit wetin happun before-before for real life.

Game of Thrones (or GoT) dey based on di books by George R.R. Martin - wey also be executive producer for di TV series. Im don tok before about how things wey don happun for world before, dey influence im writing.

Im tell The Guardian newspaper last November say im don always like history.

Dis na five events wey don influence some of di best moments from Game of Thrones.

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Game of Thrones in numbers

  • 47Emmy wins, a record only beaten by Saturday Night Live (65)

  • 1 billionthe estimated number of illegal downloads of GoT's Season 7

  • 32.8 million peoplethe viewing figures per episode in the US for Season 7

  • 9.3 millionthe viewing figures per episode in the US for Season 1

Source: Forbes, HBO

1. Di Wars of di Roses

Di Wars of di Roses na serious ogbonge gbege for di throne wey dey England for di 15th Century.

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King Richard III death for di Battle of Bosworth bin dey as di highlight of di Wars of di Roses

Na fight between di House of Lancaster and di House of York - two rival branches of di Plantagenets, di royal house wey rule England for over 300 years.

Historian Thomas B. Costain tok about di wars for him book "Plantagenet" and Martin don tok about how im like Costain work. E fit be why di Wars of di Roses resemble di struggle wey happun for Game of Thrones between Lannister and Stark families.

2. Trial by combat

For di first season of Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister (wey American actor Peter Dinklage dey act) bin get accuse say im kill aristocrat Lord Jon Arryn but e avoid di punishment because e call for "trial by combat."

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For olden days Europe, dem dey hire pesin to fight if you get quarrel for court battles

Lannister ask im bodyguard Bronn to win di master freedom for fight.

Di situation no be imagination as for di olden days, dem bin dey use trial by combat to settle quarrel and di pipo wey get kwente go hire warriors to fight for dem.

But unlike wetin we see for Game of Thrones, di thing no dey end say pesin go die, as di loser go surrender.

3. "Red wedding" or "black dinner"?

One of di things wey happun wey shake pipo for Game of Thrones happun for di third season: three of di main characters die for one episode.

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King James II bin dey 10 years wen di "Black Dinner" happun for 1440, but rule for 20 years afta

Robb Stark, him mama Catelyn and him pregnant wife Talisa wey dem kill for banquet.

Martin get inspiration from events wey happun to create wetin pipo know as "Di Red Wedding" from wetin sabi pipo call "Di Black Dinner."

Dis na di name wey dem give to di events wey happun for 1440s Scotland: afta party invitation from ten-year-old King James II, dem cut of di head of di Earl of Douglas and im younger broda, members of one of di powerful families for di kontri.

Martin tell EW Magazine say historical reports tok say dem put di head of black boar on top di table wey be signal of death.

4. Di "real" Ice Wall

For GoT, dem use ice make di wall wey stretch for almost 500km along di northern border of Westeros's Seven Kingdoms wey dey protect dem from invasions.

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Part of di Hadrian Wall still dey stand since dem build am for di 2nd Century

Na di Night's Watch dey protect di wall, wey be Order of Knights wey Jon Snow dey a part of.

Di real life inspiration come from Hadrian's Wall wey dem build for di 2nd Century to shield Roman Britain from tribes wey dey further north and dem name am afta Roman Emperor Hadrian and na one of di oldest iconic landmarks from dat time and part of di wall still dey.

5. "A golden crown"

For di end of di first season, Viserys Targaryen, demand from warlord Khal Drogo army and im promise am di hand of Targaryen sister, Daenerys.

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According to Roman historian Eutropius, dem bim force di Emperor Valerian make im drink liquid gold

As e do am, Viserys hold sword for im pregnant sister belle.

Drogo agree to give am gold crown but di reward na trap. Afta dem disarm and hold Viserys, dem melt plenty gold for pit and pour am for him head, wey come kill am.

Sometin like dat happun to Roman Emperor Valerian for 260AD.

Flavius Eutropuus, wey be Roman Historian from di 4th century write about im capture by Persian troops and dem force to swallow metals wey dem don melt.