Munira Abdulla wake up afta 27 years for coma

Munira Abdulla

Wia dis foto come from, Khushnum Bhandari for The National

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Munira Abdulla for Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

One woman for di United Arab Emirates wey bin seriously injure for accident don wake up from coma wey hold am for 27 years.

Munira Abdulla bin dey di age of 32 wen di accident happun and she suffer brain injury wen di car she bin dey inside jam one bus as she dey go cari her pikin from school.

Her pikin Omar Weibo, wey be four years old dat time, bin dey di motor wit her and no get any injury because she bin hug am tight to protect am, before di accident.

Omar tok about di accident and how im mama dey progress wit local tori pipo, The National.

'She bin hug me to protect me'

"I neva give up on am because I always get am for mind say one day she go wake up," na wetin Omar tell di paper.

"I dey tell her tori so e go give hope to pipo wey get loved ones for dat condition, say make you no tink say dem don die because dem dey coma."

E no get serious injury only small wound for head but nobodi ansa im mama for hours afta di accident.

Years of treatment

Afta some hours, dem come cari madam Abdulla go hospital and den London, wia dem tok say she enta coma but go still feel pain, according to tori from The Nation.

Dem come cari her back to UAE and na so dem start to dey cari her go hospital, up and down so insurance go fit pay for her treatment.

Dem dey feed am through tube and dey do am physiotherapy so her muscles no go weak as she no dey use am.

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Former F1 world champion Michael Schumacher bin dey induced coma afta im skiing attack

For 2017, her family get grant from di Crown Prince Court, wey be goment joinbodi for Abu Dhabi, and na how dem move her go Germany wia she do surgery for her leg and arm muscles.

Hospital quarrel

Afta one year, Omar, her pikin bin get quarrel for her hospital room, na im she shake bodi.

Omar say, "I bin dey di middle of quarrel for di hospital room, and she bin tink say I bin dey danger wey make am move."

"She bin dey make some strange sounds, but wen I call doctor, dem tok say dat one dey normal."

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Na only few cases for world dey wey pesin wake up from coma wey last many years

"Den, afta three days, I wake up as pesin bin dey call my name.

"Na my mama! Na she bin dey call my name. I hapi well-well on top say I don dey dream about am for long, my name na di first tin she tok wen she wake."

She don dey do beta and fit even gist small. She don go back Abu Dhabi and dey go through rehabilitation so she go fit sit well.

Cases wey be like Abdullah tori no dey common at all. Most times sef if dem wake dem fit get brain damage from di mata.