Di kontri wia abortions plenti pass pikin dem dey born

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"I no dey tink twice about am. We dey tok about abortion openly, I remember wen I tell all my friends and family di last time I do abortion." Dis na wetin Piia (no be her real name) tell BBC.

Piia wey be 19-year-old from Nuuk, Greenland capital city, don do five abortions for di last two years.

"I dey always use protection but sometimes we dey forget. I no fit born pikin right now; I dey my last year of school." Piia tok.

And she no dey alone.

Goment statistics show say since 2013, na about 700 births and 800 abortions dey happun everi year. So why e be say Greenland get dis kain high rate of abortion?

Image example For di capital Nuuk, students dey refer to Wednesdays as "abortion day"

No too much stigma

Greenland na di biggest island for di world, but e get tiny population - only 55,992 pipo, as of 1 January 2019 according to Statistics Greenland.

More than half of di women wey get belle dey comot di pregnancies. Dis give di rate of around 30 abortions per 1000 women.

To compare, Denmark get rate of 12 abortions for every 1000 women, official statistics say.

Although Greenland na im dey officially govern demsef, dem still remain as territory wey dey depend on Denmark.

Hard economy, poor housing conditions and lack of education fit join contribute to di high rates, but dis no fit explain everitin for inside kontri wia contraception dey free and everibodi fit easily get am.

For many kontris, even wia abortion dey legal and free, stigma still dey wey surround di choice to do abortion.

For Greenland, some women no dey worried; dem no dey see unwanted pregnancy as sometin wey go shame dem.

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Image example Although na Denmark dey bring dia ogbonge fund, Greenland get dia own parliament

Abortion day

But why so many unwanted pregnancies dey?

"Most of my friends don do abortion. My mama do three before she born me and my broda. "She no like to dey tok about am." Piia tok.

Turi Hermannsdottir, wey be PhD researcher wey dey study di subject for Roskilde University inside Denmark tok say;

"Students for Nuuk dey able to go di sexual health clinic on Wednesdays, wey dem dey refer to as 'abortion day."

"For Greenland, di debate about abortion no be taboo or sometin wey pipo dey condemn, also wit sex before marriage or pregnancy wey girl no plan."

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Image example Greenland dey provide free contraceptives, but many women no dey use dem

Free contraception

"Contraception dey free and easy to get, but many of my friends no dey use dem." Piia tok.

Stine Brenoe wey be gynaecology nurse wey dey work for Greenland don dey research about abortion for plenti years.

"Around 50% of di women I survey, tok say dem know about contraception, but more dan 85% no use am or no use am correctly," she tell BBC.

Unwanted pregnancies fit be due to drinking alcohol: "Both di man and woman forget to use contraception if dem dey under di influence," she tok.

Under di influence

According to her research, Hermannsdottir suggest say 3 reasons why women no dey use contraceptives for Greenland na.

"[Firstly] Women wey want pikin, [secondly] women wey dia lives full wit palava, wey violence and alcohol dey affect fit forget to take di contraceptive pill, and lastly if di male partner no gree wear condom."

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Image example Dem legalise abortion for Greenland on 12 June 1975

Pipo no too know about contraception

Although contraception fit dey free and pipo fit get am easily, dis one no mean say dem go use am.

"I only find out about dis morning-afta pill one month ago, I no tink say everi bodi know say option dey," Piia tell BBC.

"My mama neva tok to me about my sexual health, I find out about some tins through school but mostly through my friends," she tok.

One study wey International Journal of Circumpolar health do, show say families for Greenland go postpone or avoid to tok about sexual health because dem feel say e dey somehow and difficult.

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Image example Greenland local population dey suffer from high rates of alcoholism

Free abortion for all

Some pipo dey suggest say make Greenland start to dey charge everi abortion to fit reduce di rate.

Odas dey argue say women wey do more dan one abortion no get anytin to do wit di fact say abortions dey free and dey easy to get.

Di Doll Project

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Image example Di Doll project dey aim to reduce di number of unwanted teenage pregnancies

Young pipo for Greenland start to dey nack for di age of 14-15; national statistics say 63% of 15-year olds dey nack steady

Di goment introduce di "Doll Project" in join bodi wit schools to make young pipo understand di result to born pikin for young age.

Di plan of di project na to reduce di number of unwanted teenage pregnancies, reduce sexually transmitted disease and increase di use of contraceptive methods.

Dem dey give boys and girls real doll wey dey feel and behave just like small baby.

Dem need to change dia napkin, feed, pet and comfort di doll baby. Dis na way to expose students between di age of13 to 18 to di work wey dey ground if dem born pikin.

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