India Fire: 19 students wey bin dey study for school don die

Fire fighters cari trucks wan quench di fire Image copyright Getty Images

E fit pass nineteen pikin dem wey die for one fire wey happun inside one school for India.

Pipo wey take eye see as e happun say di students dem jump out of di windows to escape wen di fire start. dey fall for di building even as tori be say dem bin no fit go with di staircase as na from wia di fire bin start.

Officials tok say while dem neva sure wetin cause di fire, na di materials wey dem take do di roof cause so fire to spread like dat.

Authorities say most of di pipo wey die na students dem wey bin dey study for di school, none of dem pass di age of 20.

Local fire official, tell AFP say, "Di students die both because of di fire and because dem bin jump from di building."

Ova 20 odas get injury and dey receive treatment close to di building.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tok sorry for Twitter give di families of di pipo wey die.

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