US weather: Missouri deadly tornado don kill three pipo

House wey dey sink inside water

At least three pipo don die afta some tornadoes hit Missouri state for US, local officials dey report.

Tornado bin hit di state capital, Jefferson City wey bring heavy rain, hail, wind and lightning.

Dem don rescue around 20 pipo for di city wia buildings dey damaged and cars scata evriwia.

Officials dey report say e don cause serious damages around di state and plenti pipo dey injured for Carl junction near di border wit Kansas.

Storms don also hit city wey near di area like Oklahoma and Texas.

Foto wey dey spread for social media show buildings wey don scata, power lines and trees wey don fall. Thousands fit no get light as e be so.

Dem activate emergency sirens for Jefferson City wey around 43,000 pipo dey stay and dem notice di storm 20 minutes later.

Missouri Govnor Mike Parson bin tell reporters on Thursday morning say "serious destruction hit evriwia for di state".

"We dey lucky last night say we no wound pass wetin we get and more pipo no die across di state. But three dey too much."

Di govnor say some pipo wey dey live for Jefferson City still dey trapped and dem don send emergency teams across di capital city.

Police go soon begin door-to-door search.

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