Game of thrones Jon Snow dey battle 'personal issues' afta di show end

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Game of Thrones star Kit Harington don check into one "wellness retreat" for US.

According to tori, di GOT star dey dia sake of stress.

Di actor - wey play Jon Snow - begin treatment several weeks ago, according to Page Six.

Im tok-tok pesin tell BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat say Kit dey work on "some personal issues."

For a recent interview Kit bin tok about di emotion wey hit am afta im feem di final scenes of of Game of Thrones, wey im work on for eight seasons.

Inside anoda interview - di 32-year-old actor tell Esquire wetin e feel like to feem Jon Snow final scenes.

"Di final day of di shooting I feel fine... I feel fine... I feel fine... Den I come go take my last shots, na dia I come start to dey get breathing problems.

"Den dem call, Wrap!' and na for dia I just break down. Na combination of two tins, relief and sadness say I no go get to do dis again." Na so Kit tok.

Dem release one documentary about di end of Game of Thrones on Sunday wey dem cal "The Last Watch", e show how Kit dey cry wen im learn about how im character go end.

Pipo around di world share different view about how di show end with ova one million wey sign petition for dem to redo am.

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Image example Kit Harington and im wife Rose Leslie meet while dem dey work togeda for Game of Thrones

Early dis month, Kit co-star Maisie Williams tok about how growing up for public eye, she feel pressure to pretend say "everything is fine".

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