Donald Trump don land UK wia protests dey wait for am

Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

US Presido Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump don land for UK for im three days state visit.

Kontri pipo dey arrange protests for different parts including London, Manchester, Belfast, and Birmingham as im dey land.

Both di Stop Trump Coalition and Stand Up to Trump protest groups say dem go show face for di protests.

Oga Trump dey meet wit members of di Royal Family.

Im go also follow outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May yan about climate change and Chinese technology company Huawei. Di US bin blacklist Hauwei for security reasons while UK dey reason weda to allow di company supply some 5G technology.

Before im visit, Trump bin tok say im dey back Boris Johnson from di Conservative Party to take over from madam May as di next Prime Minister of UK.

Im also tok say di Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage suppose dey do chook mouth for goment negotiation to comot from di EU.

Some places wey Trump go visit during im stay na Westminister Abbey and im go from dia meet Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall.

Im go also meet wit di Queen for Buckingham Palace.

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