Di Jay-Z Blueprint to become hip hop first billionaire

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Recently Forbes declare American rapper, Jay-Z as hip hop first billionaire, afta im don build empire base on music, property, fashion and investments.

Forbes wey be American magazine say Jay-Z wealth now don reach like total of $1bn (£800m).

For dia ranking, Forbes reject di claims wey say di rapper and producer Dr Dre don reach billionaire position.

Jay-Z, wey im real name na Shawn Carter, grow up for one of di bad areas for New York City.

E become very popular for 1996 wen im bring im first album Reasonable Doubt.

For March dis year, dem add im 2001 album, Di Blueprint to di Library of Congress National Recording Registry because dem see am as somtin wey dey "culturally, historically, or aesthetically important".

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Image example Jay-Z album Di Blueprint dey officially 'culturally important'

Forbes tok say dem don do calculation on top Jay-Z wealth and find out say di kain moni wey im get e go fit use am live "superstar lifestyle". Dem add different assets and then "subtract plenti amount to get dis conclusion.

How Jay-Z take reach wia im dey?

Forbes magazine tok say Jay-Z wey also be di husband of American singer Beyonce, succeed because e build brands instead of to just dey endorse dem.

E invest for liquor, art, real estate (im home for Los Angeles, di Hamptons, Tribeca) and get stakes for companies like Uber.

Among di assets wey di 49-year-old American rapper get na:

  • $75m music catalogue
  • $75m stake for di entertainment company wey im found, Roc Nation
  • E get stakes for Armand de Brignac champagne and D'Usse cognac, wey worth $410m in total
  • E get stake for Uber wey worth about $70m
  • E get property for fashionable parts of New York and Los Angeles
  • E get $100m stake for di music streaming service Tidal
  • E get art collection wey di value na about $70m.

Report also say Jay-Z superstar wife, Beyonce worth about $335m, wey she make mostly from music and endorsements, and di two of dem get joint net wey worth over $1bn ova di years.

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Image example Jay-Z and Beyonce get joint net wey worth over $1bn for several years

Pipo bin dey tink say Dr Dre don reach billionaire status for 2014 afta im sell e Beats headphone business give Apple. But last year Forbes say Dr Dre personal wealth na about $770m.

Image example Forbes tok say Dr Dre no be billionaire

Kasseem "Swizz Beatz" Dean, wey be di producer behind some of Jay-Z biggest hits, tell Forbes say di rapper success dey "bigger than hip-hop".

"Na di blueprint for our culture. Na guy wey look like us, sounds like us, love us, make am to sometin wey we dey always feel say na above us."

Jay-Z appear for di front cover of di latest Forbes magazine togeda wit anoda ogbonge billionaire, Warren Buffet.

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