One million new sex infections dey appear evri day - WHO

gonorrhoea alert

World Health Organization say one million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) dey surface evri single day.

Dat na more dan 376 million new cases of four infections chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and syphilis - wey dey happun evri year.

WHO say progress neva too dey ontop ways to try stop di spread of STIs. Di organization add say dia figures na "wake-up call".

Experts dey worry about di rise of STIs wey dey resist drugs.

WHO dey always check di global impact of di four common sexually transmitted infections.

Dem dey sample research wey pipo publish and collect reports from dia workers for kontris around di world.

Compare wit dia last analysis for 2012, WHO dey report say "no reasonable reduction" for di rates of di new infections and di ones wey don dey.

Dem dey suggest say around one in 25 pipo for world get at least four STIs, wit some wey even get plenti infections at di same time.

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Di figures dey suggest say for pipo wey dey between 15-49 years for 2016, e get:

◾156 million new cases of trichomoniasis

◾127 million new cases of chlamydia

◾87 million new cases of gonorrhea

◾6.3 million new cases of syphilis

One parasite wey dey show during sex na wetin dey cause trichomoniasis. Chlamydia, syphilis nd gonorrhea na bacteria infections.

'Sign of wider crisis'

STI symptoms fit be discharge, pain wen pesin dey piss and bleeding between periods. But most times, dem no dey get any symtoms.

Serious complications fit be pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility for women wey get chlamydia and gonorrhea and cardiovascular and neurological disease from syphilis.

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Image example WHO say safe sex dey very important

If woman catch STI wen she get belle, e fit cause stillbirth, premature pikin, underweight pikin and oda health wahala for di pikin including pneumonia, blindness and deformity.

WHO say safe sex especially through condom and beta testing dey important.

For mata of treatment, melecine boku wey fit treat and cure bacteria STI.

But syphilis treatment dey difficult because of shortage of one particular penicillin, cases of "super-gonorrhoea" also dey and e dey impossible to treat.

Dr Tim Jinks, head of Wellcome's Drug Risistand Infection programme say: "Cases of gonorrhea wey no get treatment na sign of wider crisis, wia common dey become more hard to treat.

"We need to reduce di spread of dis infections and invest ontop new antibiotics and treatments wey go replace those wey no dey work again."

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Image example WHO say safe sex especially through condom and beta testing dey important

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