Magician wey go perform inside river don miss

Magician Image copyright EI SAMAY

One Indian magician wey try to do di Harry Houdini trick of 'tie leg jump inside river' fit don die.

Chanchal Lahiri suppose escape swim to safety afta di trick but e nor comot from di Hooghly river from West Bengal state.

Pipo wey gada to watch am as im dey dive inside di river on Sunday don report di mata to police and police say dem dey find am.

Na boat dem use take put Oga Lahiri, aka Mandrake inside di river.

Dem use six locks and chain tie am as pipo gada inside two boats dey dey looku-looku. Some pipo also gada for di side of di riveR and some stand ontop Howrah Bridge for Kolkata (wey dem dey call Calcutta).

Police and divers dey search di area, but so far dem neva see di magician. One officer telL tori pipo Hindustan Times newspaper say dem no fit declare oga Lahiri dead until dem find im body.

Image copyright AFP

Jayanta Shaw, wey be photographer with one newspaper, bin dey dia wen oga Lahiri bin attempt di trick. Im tell BBC say im bin tok to am before di magician start di trick.

"I ask am why im dey risk in life for magic," im say Oga Lahiri smile come tok say "if I do am right na magic. If I make mistake, e go become disaster.'"

Di magician tell am say im want do dis trick "to bring back pipo interest to magic".

Dis no be di first time wey oga Lahiri don attempt trick inside water before.

20 years ago dem put am inside di same river for glass box but e mange escape to safety.

Oga Shaw don watch Oga Lahiri tricks dem inside water before.

"I no ever tink am say im no go comot from water dis time," na wetin im add put.

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