Women no too know say alcohol dey cause breast cancer

Woman drinking with friends Image copyright Getty Images

One new research wey just land show say women no know say alcohol fit increase dia risk to get breast cancer.

Di report wey dem publish for one online journal BMJ, only one out of di five women wey go one breast cancer clinic for UK know about dis risk factor.

According to research, to dey drink alcohol get hand for 5-11% cases of breast cancer.

Cancer Research UK add say to reduce alcohol intake na one of di best tins women fit do to reduce dia breast cancer risk.

Two hundred women na im take part for di study, dem bin dey check dem for breast cancer, or check dia symptoms.

Dem complete di questionnaires about dia lifestyle- related risk factors. While some of di women know say fatness fit increase di chance of getting breast cancer, half know say to smoke na anoda risk factor. But only 16% of women for di screening group, and 23% for di symptoms group, know say alcohol na risk factor.

(88 out of 152) more dan half of di pipo wey drink alcohol tink say dem know how to calculate di alcohol content of drinks but na only few of dem get di estimated alcohol content inside di standard glass of wine correctly, and just over half na im calculate di amount inside beer correctly.

Cancer Research UK advise say di risk of breast cancer dey increase with each extra unit of alcohol per day.

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