Boris Johnson: Police show for MP house ontop report of quarrel wit partner

Boris Johnson for left and Carrie Symonds for right Image copyright EPA/pa
Image example Di two don dey date since 2018

Police for London show for di house of Boris Johnson and im partner early mor mor on Friday afta neighbours report say dem hear loud quarrel.

Tori pipo Di Guardian tok say Carrie Symonds bin dey tell di lawmaker make im "comot from my bodi" and "comot from my flat".

Di Metropolitan Police tell BBC say "dem tok wit all di pipo wey dey live for di address, and all of dem dey safe and well".

Inside statement, e say "e no need police action". One tok tok pesin for oga Johnson say: "No comment".

Di Guardian report say one neighbour bin tell di newspaper say dem hear one woman dey scream and na "slamming and banging" follow am.

Di paper say di neighbour bin dey inside dia own flat wen dem record di quarrel wey dem dey claim say happun.

"No offence or consign"

Inside di recording wey di Guardian hear - BBC no hear am - oga Johnson no wan gree comot from di flat and im bin dey tell di woman make she "comot" from im laptop before dem come hear one loud crashing noise.

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Image example Boris Johnson wan become leader of di Tory party

Tori be say madam Symonds come tell di lawmaker say im don spoil her chair wit red wine: "You no just care about anytin because you don spoil. You no care about moni or anytin."

Lawmaker Dominic Grieve tell BBC say im no fit comment on di mata but im say character dey important to contest for party leader because di pesin go dey make "important decisions."

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