Your phone fit dey spy on you?

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Image example Who fit get access to your data?

For plenti pipo, dia smartphone na dia window to di world, but di window dey show your private life join?

Imagine say hackers for where dem dey hide go just give your phone virus see evritin you dey do, even dey control your phone microphone and camera join.

Well e no be feem trick as we dey see am before, as we don see evidence say dis virus dem dey used to track tori pipo, lawyers and activists for world.

But who dey do am and why? And wetin we fit do about di spy wey dey for our pocket?

Software strong sotay dem dey call am weapon

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Image example Phone camera be like eye, efit see anytin wey dey im front

Mike Murray na sabi pesin for cyber security for Lookout for San Francisco, wey be company wey dey help goments, businesses and normal pipo dem keep dem data safe.

E tok how di most powerful stalking device dem dey work, and how e dey powerful sotay na weapon dem dey call am.

"Di pesin wey own di virus fit follow you with your GPS," according to Mike.

"Dem go fit on di microphone and camera for your phone for any point, and dem go record everytin we dey happun for our side. E go fit enta all di social media wey you get, tiff your pictures, your contacts, your email and any document you get."

"E go turn your phone into amebo wey dem fit use track you and come tiff everytin for am."

Spyware done dey ground for years, but we fit done dey anoda level.

Dis technology get control for your phone and you fit no know because e dey very hard to detect am.

How dem catch one Mexican drug lord

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Mexican drug oga El Chapo run comot prison for six months dey hide with im padi and dey tok for only encrypted phones wey pesin no suppose to sabi hack.

But tori be say Mexican authorities buy some spy software come infect di phones of El Chapo close padi and na so dem catch am again.

Dis tori show why dis software fit help fight terrorism and organized crime for world and e fit save lives.

But wetin dey stop di goment to start dey use anyhow? Like if pesin vex dia goment, dem fit hack dem?

Di civil rights activists wey bin dey targeted

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Ahmed Mansoor, wey be popular award-winning activist, don dey di eye of di UAE goment for years now.

For 2016, e bin get one text for im phone wey e cari give The Citizen Lab, wey be company wey dey try protect pipo against hackers.

Na so dem press di link for iPhone, e suppose to be di most secure for market, but na so di virus start to comot data from di phone.

Na so Apple issue update for all dia phones for world.

E no clear wetin dem find for Mansoor phone but dem later arrest am and jail am for ten years.

Di Embassy of di United Arab Emirates for London tell BBC say dia security agencies dey abide by international standards but dem no fit tok about intelligence mata.

Tori pesin, Jamal Khashoggi

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Image example Wetin happun if pesin dey do amebo for wetin dey your phone

For October 2018, tori pesin Jamal Khashoggi enta Saudi embassy for Instabul wia agents of di Saudi goment kill am.

Di tori pesin friend, Omar Abdulaziz, find out say di Saudi goment bin hack im phone, as im tok.

Abdulaziz feel say na di hacking dem use fit kill Khashoggi as dem bin dey tok plenti times about politics and di work dem dey plan to do.

Saudi goment tok say while virus bin dey go round for phones dat time, evidence no dey say dia hand dey inside.

One hack wey affect me and you

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Image example "Zero click technology" fit be di easiest way to enta your phon

For May 2019, WhatsApp messenger bin suffer hack even as dem cari informate of ova 1.5 billion users.

Di hack no be only say dem go hear your WhatsApp call, na lie oh. From WhatsApp, di hacker fit enta di rest of your phone with viruses upon viruses.

Di pesin wey dem go hack no even need press link, di virus go enta through call and hang up, wetin dem dey call zero click technology.

WhatsApp don fix di wahala but nobodi know who dey behind di hack and which app dey next or who dey next.

How we fit fight back?

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Image example Who dey responsible for illegal hacking?

To develop dis kain software for spying you need special export licences so dat serious criminals no go fit get am.

But di Citizen Lab get list of wetin client goment don use dis software do wey dem dey call spyware. But di developers dey responsible too?

Because even afta dem sell di software to di goments dem still dey maintain di software.

Abdulaziz tink so and dey cari NSO Group go court ova im own hacking. Di company dey provide dis hacking services give goment.

Dis case go determine if software companies get responsibility for wetin dem dry use software do.

NSO say dia technology don help goment security agencies to fight crime and dia technology dey save lives.

But now, Abdulaziz lawyer don dey get strange WhatsApp calls...

How long until spyware can't be detected at all?

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Image example No click di link of pesin wey send link wey you no know

Di goal for di lawful spy industry na to develop software wey you no go know if e enta your phone at all, at all.

If dat one happun, e don be for us because we no go fit report misuse because we no go fit know, so we dey dis lawful hackers hands weda dem dey follow law or not.

E fit sound like James Bond feem but dis tins dey come with real wahala. Dis tin don dey come and make we start to prepare for am.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori