Couple fall from ninth floor window as dem dey do kerewa

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One woman don die afta she fall from di ninth floor of one flat for Russia as she bin dey do kerewa, but her partner survive afta e land ontop her.

Tori pipo Daily Mail report say, dem see di deadi bodi of di 30-year-old woman for di ground floor of di apartment for St Petersburg, on di night of July 5 during one party wey neighbours say bad gan.

Pipo wey carry eye see everi-everi say dem first see television fly out of di window of di flat, afta which di woman and her 29-year-old lover fly from di window reach ground.

Local tori pipo say di woman die instantly as she land with her head first, but di man survive as di body of di woman and di bush protect am.

Eyewitness say di man wey no wear full cloth, stand up, come waka go back inside di party.

Although di first-first reports bin suggest say na di TV wey fall kill di woman, pictures from di scene show say she naked from di waist down.

Afta dem interview di witnesses dem, police conclude say di couple bin dey make love ontop di window wen dem fall.

Although two men bin dey di flat wen di accident happun, fingers no dey point to dem.

Authorities don launch murder investigation into di case.

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