Chandrayaan-2: India don launch dia second mission to Moon

Chandrayaan-2 dey take off Image copyright Isro
Image example Dem broadcast di lift-off live ontop India television networks to hundreds of millions of pipo.

India don successfully lunch dia second lunar mission one week afta dem match break for am sake of technical wahala.

Dem launch Chandrayaan-2 on Monday 14:43 local time (09:13 GMT) from di Sriharikota space station.

India space oga say di agency "bounce back with flying colours" afta dem cancel dia first attempt.

India dey hope say di $145m (£116m) mission go be di first to land for di Moon south pole.

Di spacecraft enta Earth orbit, wia e go stay for 23 days before e begin im waka reach lunar orbit.

Dem show di lift-off live for TV and for di space agency official social media accounts.

Pipo clap inside di Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) control room minutes afta di launch, as di rocket take off go outer atmosphere.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praise di mission say na dem-dem package am".

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