Marriage Certificate: How to find if your own na 'fake'

Pipo wey dey marry for court

Na only 314 places of worship for Nigeria get authentic license to do wedding and give marriage certicate, according to Georgina Ehuriah, di Permanent Secretary for di kontri Ministry of Interior.

She tok dis one for conference on di conduct of statutory marriages for di kontri.

If you no do marriage for place wey get license, e fit put you for wahala when you wan find visa or when you wan collect your partner wey die, dia property or benefits.

Madam Ehuriah tell BBC Pidgin say, "dis kain tins dem dey happun evriday, wen couple wan travel go overseas, di paper wey church wey no get license go give you as certificate no be wetin embassy go recognize because certificate for Nigeria na only one wey dem dey call form E."

Also, if one partner die and di oda pesin wan claim inheritance, e don turn anoda mata because you no go fit fix am. Dat na why some pipo wey smart go cari dme self go Federal Marriage Registry to go marry before we cari our self go church for blessings because religion dey important to us as Nigerians."

However hope dey for pipo wey neva marry and even those wey no sure say dia marriage legit. Di Permanent Secretary say we fit enta for dis Ministry of Interior site to search if your church get license.

But she tok say, e no mean say everitin don spoil, you fit go back dat same site to apply for marriage certificate.

Madam Ehuriah tok for statement say na mostly only churches na im dem dey license as oda places of worship no follow for di Marriage act wey dey recognize one man and one wife.

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