Anglophone crisis survivor say "deh take me go for dia camp, naked me, beat me sotei ah collapse"

Nayek Catherine

Crisis weh e hit Anglophone regions since 2016, force about 500,000 pipo for run, plenti of dem woman laik Nayek Catherine weh deh di face plenti problems dem for capital city Yaoundé.

Tina Ketty (no be her real name) weh e get four pikin dem, tori weti happen before e run from Bali for Northwest region for Cameroon.

For Bali ah go harvest cassava make gari. As ah fry five bucket gari, plenti 'boys' (separatists fighters) kam say make ah take de gari for palace weh na dem di control as fon don run.

As ah say de cassava na for farm weh ah buy wit ma moni, deh jerk me, beat me wit two electric wire, cutlass for ma back and foot.

Deh take me go for dia camp, naked me, beat me sotei ah collapse stay for sun laik six hours, den recover, struggle go under shed.

Afta deh lock me for house, some di guard me for outside, den ah hear deh di whisper say deh go go kill me.

As ah touch window e open, wit all de wound for ma foot and bodi ah try komot run, reach ma house take ma girl pikin 13 years we start run for forest.

We loss for forest, stay for lass planti for some taim, deh gada courage cross river for enter Francophone side as de boys dem no di allow any man pass for bridge.

As deh cross beg clothes weh, Ketty dry e 15,000frs buy pullover for e and e pikin and deh pay bus for Mbouda for west region, reach Yaoundé. Wit de remaining moni, 3000 Ketty take injection as e fall sick, but e late well.

Ketty and 29 oda woman dem from de Anglophone regions tok dia tori, for psycho-social counselling, weh na part for project "Displaced not disabled".

Beauclaire Mbanya Junior win de Davis Foundation projects for peace for give psycho-social and economic support for woman dem weh deh run from Anglophone regions wit support from NGO Local Youth Corner.

"We tell dem say deh no bi alone for dia suffer and deh get for go on wit dia lives, we di help dem shape dia business idea", Nina Forgweh one of de coordinator for de project tok.

"De project go run for six moons, and for dis taim we go give small capital FCFA 50,000 each for 10 woman for do business den refund so dat odas go fit benefit afta dem", Mbanya tok.

Laik oda woman dem Ketty di work on idea for keep chicken, e don already build small place for dem and e remain for fix'am get moni for di buy chicken di keep and sell.

Ketty and oda woman dem loss all tin and deh wan put dia mind for see how deh fit start new life forget dia loss.

Editors note: Sake of security for di Anglophone region of Cameroon na aka name Tina Ketty get for dis true life tori.

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