Jeffrey Epstein: Di millionaire dem accuse of sex trafficking don die

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Image example Tori pipo don tok say im bin no dey hide im relationship with 'young girls'

American millionaire Jeffry Epstein don die for prison cell wia im dey wait im trial for sex trafficking on Saturday.

Officials tok say im death na suicide even as di FBI dey investigate di mata.

Oga Epstein, 66, wey once register as sex offender, bin plead not guilty to sex trafficking charges last month even as dem bin hold am for prison without bail.

Shortly afta, dem find Epstein for im cell, with injuries for im neck and tori be say from dat time dem put am for suicide watch.

Im suicide dey come one day afta court documents come out wey torchlight new accuse ontop di socialite head.

Who be Jeffery Epstein?

Jeffery Epstein na man wey start life as maths and physics teacher for one private school wey dem dey call Dalton School.

Tori be ay one papa of im students bin happy with am sotay, im carry am give one Senior Partner for Wall Street investment bank, wey dem dey call Bear Stearns.

Afta some time, im self arrange start im own company for 1982 wey im call J Epstein and Co.

Di company bin manage money wey reach one billion dollars for dia customers. Na so e begin jolly wit celebrities dem, plus artist and politicians.

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Image example Donald Trump say dem bin don seperate for ova 15 years before di scandal start

Di most popular pesin im follow paddy na American Presido Donald Trump wey call am "ogbonge guy". Odas na former presido Bill Clinton, actors Kevin Spacey (wey get im own sex abuse scandal) and Chris Tucker.

Wetin dem accuse am of?

Dem dey accuse Epstein say im pay girls wey no never reach 18 years to sleep wit am for im house for Manhattan and Florida from 2002-2005.

Dem arrest am on 6 July afta e land New Jersey ontop im private jet. Im manage escape charge wey resemble dis one for 2008, wia for secret im settle and instead plead guilty for smaller offence.

Prosecutors also accuse Epstein say im pay big money to two pipo wey fit do witness for im trial, wey suppose begin next year.

Im face up to 45 years for prison if to say dem see am convict.

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