Paris customer shoot waiter die sake of 'slow sandwich service'

Police stand in front of di shop wia customer shoot waiter die afta im vex say im sandwich take too much time for di eastern Paris suburb of Noisy-le-Grand on August 17, 2019 Image copyright AFP
Image example Di waiter die for di scene despite attempts to save am

One waiter near Paris don die afta one customer wey dey vex say dem no prepare im sandwich fast fire am shot.

Police say dem don start murder investigation afta di incident wey happun on Friday evening for di eastern suburb of Noisy-le-Grand.

Di suspect bin take-off and dem never sight am since.

Ambulance crews try to save di 28-year-old waiter, wey dem bin shoot for shoulder, but e die at di scene.

Im colleagues tell police say di customer lose im temper for di pizza and sandwich shop because of di time e take to prepare im food.

Di killing shook local residents and shopkeepers.

"Na sad tin," one 29-year-old woman tell French tori pipo. "Na quiet restaurant, without any problem. E just open few months ago."

Some residents, however, say crime for di area bin don increase as cases of drug-dealing and drunkenness don go up for di area.

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