500 million bees die for Brazil in three months

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More dan 500 million bees don die for Brazil for di last three months.

Tori be say, 400 million bees die for Rio Grande do Sul - beekeepers for four states report mass death.

Sabi pipo dey blame di use of pesticides - chemical substances wey dem dey use kill pests dem.

Bees dey play major role for di food chain - with around one-third of di food wey pipo dey eat dey rely on pollination by bees wey be di transfer of pollen from male part of plant to female part of di plant.

Dis wan include fruits and vegetables like avocados, broccoli and cherries.

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Image example Dem dey use pesticides for agriculture around di world and e fit harm insects like bees

Wetin happun to bees for Brazil?

Di main cause of death for di bees na di use of pesticides wey get neonicotinoids and fipronil products wey dem don ban for Europe.

EU impose total ban on neonicotinoids last April because of serious danger wey if fit get on bees.

But dat same year Brazil lift di ban on pesticides - even though opposition environmentalist call am "poison package".

Di use of pesticides for Brazil don increase, according to Greenpeace, with 193 products wey contain chemicals wey dem banned for EU dey registered for Brazil for di last three years.

Di kontri dey use pesticides because dem dey rely on agriculture well-well.

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Image example Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro no happy with di environmental policies like lifting restricitons on pesticides

Wetin be di tori globally?

Tins no too good for bees around di world too.

For United States, beekeepers lose four in 10 of dia honeybee colony dem in di past year, wey make am di worst winter on record for dem.

For Russia, 20 regions report mass bee deaths, officials warn say e fit be 20% less honey being wey dem produce.

At least one million bees die for South Africa for November 2018, dem blame di chemical fipronil.

Kontries like Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Turkey don also report mass death of bees inside di last 18 months.

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