Na every woman dey ejaculate? Di qweshion wey make dem start Pussypedia, free online vagina encyclopaedia

  • Stefania Gozzer
  • BBC News Mundo
Wetin we call dis foto,

The authors of Pussypedia say most women no know about dia bodi and how to take care of am

Na Everi woman dey ejaculate?

Dis qweshion wey come up for 2016 cause serious fight between America tori pesin Zoe Mendelson and her boyfriend dat time. Since dem bin no fit gree on di mata na so dem enta Google.

Zoe tell BBC say na yeye-yeye informate dem find so, "I decide to enta medical journals instead".

But she no get answer from dia too. "I no understand anytin. I bin no know which part of bodi dem dey tok or wia dem dey or wetin dem dey do."

Two years later, Zoe and her friend Maria Conejo, Mexican illustrator, start Pussypedia wey be free online encyclopaedia wey dey provide trustworthy informate about woman dem bodi.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Zoe Mendelson's search for beta informate on top her bodi make am create Pussypedia

But need really dey for dis kain project? After all, we don enta 21st century well-well, we don go through di #MeToo movement, and we get sex education all ova di world plus all di informate wey dey internet.

Maria use two sentences to ansa: "Information na power" and "shame dey dangerous".

Zoe too add say, "I think say we dey overhype di progress on top gender equality. We still dey world wey get plenti inequality and shame wen e come to we bodi and sexuality. Even though society don dey more open-minded, we still dey hide dis mata dem."

Wetin we call dis foto,

María Conejo wan use her drawing change how pipo dey see women bodi

Zoe and María, with help from plenti oda collaboration, launch Pussypedia for July.

Di site wey don get pass 130,000 visitors since dem start dey find ansas about topics like 'how to wash vulva' to 'how insecticides fit affect fertility' with beta proof but dem neva fit ansa every qweshion.

"I still dey find ansa to my original qweshion", Zoe tok. "Plenti information no dey, plus disagreement on top science of human bodi, we neva even sabi di kain tissue dey for clitoris."

Dem no dey do 'penispedia'?

According to Zoe and Maria, dem no dey study female private parts di way dem dey study man own.

Na why dem tok say dem no see need for "penispedia".

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di pipo wey found Pussypedia wan talk about women bodies without any taboo

Zoe tok say, "if you search penis for medical journal you go see plenti tins, no be di same if you dey find vagina."

But Maria tok say because information dey no mean say men sabi dia bodi as pride no dey let dem check.

But women wan know. So wen Maria and Zoe start to crowd fund for di project, dem hit dia target within three days and at di end of di day raise $22,000 ova three times wetin dem bin dey find.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis na open vulva

Di website wan start dey make money by giving readers chance to sponsor articles dem want and also to dey sell tins wey get Maria drawings dem.

For now, Zoe still dey hope say she go fit write article wey answer her first qweshion, na everi woman dey ejaculate?