Global Climate Strike: Over 150 kontris protest against climate palava

Climate protesters for London Image copyright Reuters
Image example Climate protesters for London

Over one hundred and fifty kontris join di protest around di world against climate change and how e dey affect di environment.

Climate activists especially young pipo join di global strike.

Di global climate strike na di third wey dey happun for di worldwide series of climate rallies wey school children organize, na one 16 year old Gretha Thunberg from Sweden, dey lead di strike.

But for dis month own, no be only young pipo go take part as labour and humanitarian groups, environmental organizations and workers of some of di world biggest brand don ready to join.

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Image example Protesters hold placards for Melbourne Australia

Why dem dey strike?

Gretha tok say dia reason for di action na to say no to environmental pollution. For plenty kontris for di world, pollution, burning of fossil fuels, dirty from plastics, nylons wey dem dump anyhow dey cause danger to di planet.

If dem go on this strike, di thousand of protesters hope say e go put pressure on top politicians and policy makers, make dem to take actions ontop climate issues.

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Image example India dey battle with air pollution

Di weather condition of di planet dey always change, and e don become constant thing over time. Di global average temperature today na like 15C (59F), but sabi pipo say e don go higher and lower before in di past.

But di way e dey hot now dey happun quick-quick more dan any oda time in di past.

Scientists dey worry say di activities of man wey dey make di weather condition go up and down fit get serious repercussion.

Image example Young pipo participate for di climate strike for Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria.

Some kontris wey dey participate

For Asia Pacific region, plenty pipo, many of dem wey be students join di protest. Dem say make goment take urgent steps to prevent climate katakata.

For another region, South East Asia, wey dia major problem na plastics, di protesters tok say plastic pollution na one big problem wey di region dey face. Dem tok say animals too dey hear am as plastic waste wey dem drop for sea don claim di lives of whales for Philippines.

For Australia, plenty crowds for 110 location carry placards join di protest.

For Nigeria, different groups demonstrate for Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Cities like Jakarta and Bankok dey get flood problems

Wetin di strikers want?

We don see many protesters enta street but wetin dey want?

Dem say dis climate crisis no be just environmental issue, but also a political and ethical one. For di world, kontris and communities wey get plenty challenge because of climate change na em also be di poorest. To achieve climate justice, activists say, dem gat reform di world political and economic systems.

Strikers get different goals wey dem want make goment do but di most important one na make goments swear to abandon fossil fuels and switch to 100% renewable energy by next year.

More foto from di strike around di world

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Image example Young pipo wey dey demonstrate for Bangkok
Image copyright Arshak Makichyan
Image example Arshak Makichyan do one man protest for Moscow, Russia.
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Image example Environmental activists do like say dem die as they participate for di protest for Thailand
Image copyright Twitte/350 Pacific
Image example Young pipo for Solomon Islands stage dia protest for di beach of Marovo Island acccording to campaign group 350 Pacific
Image copyright EPA
Image example Pregnant protester for Sydney, Australia

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