Instagram go block weight loss treatment advert for new policy

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Image example Instagram tok say di move na on top tok-tok on top how media dey force pipo to look like wetin dem no be

Instagram go block pipo wey dey under di age of 18 make dem no dey see posts wey dey promote weight loss products or types of plastic surgery, as part of new policy to dey regulate wetin dem dey call influencer marketing.

Dem also tok say dem go remove di post completely from dia platform if di product "dey claim say e fit make pesin miraculously lose weight and get link to, for example, discount code."

Instagram tok for statement say dem no dey ever allow dis kain products to dey advertised for dis platform but na di rise of Instagram influencers and celebs make dis move, make e dey necessary.

Dem also tok say di policy go apply for both Instagram and Facebook.

Emma Collins wey be di public policy manager for Instagram tok say, di new policy na part of work "so di platform go be positive place for everi bodi and go remove pressure wey pipo dey feel on top social media."

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Image example Jameela wey be founder of 'I Weigh' bin bash Kim before on top weight loss sweet.

Influencers like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jennr don chop yab tay-tay on top how dem dey promote weight loss products we fit dey dangerous for young buyers and no dey work.

One actress, wey dem dey call Jameela Jamil go viral on top social media for November last year wen she bin do video on top di mata. And she na part of di pipo wey follow Instagram and oda sabi pipo work to creatE change for di platform.

Di actress tok about her self as pesin wey don struggle with eaating wahala wen she dey young, she say di new policy "na day of hope for dis generation wey diserve respect and protection from di celebs and influencers dem dey follow."

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