Seven myths wey fit spoil your waka to lose weight

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Image example Obesity for world don increse times three since 1975

For world, di amount of obese pipo for world don increase times three since 1975, according to World Health Organisation (WHO).

Di United Nations tok say for 2016, na ova 1.9 billion adults dey overweight.

Dis na why authorities dey call am "obesity epidemic" wey WHO tok say dey kill almost three million pipo everi year.

Scientists and policy makers don warn say efforts to stop di "epidemic" no dey work because of how lie-lie and di way oda pipo dey treat fat pipo.

But wetin be di truth or lie for dis "war on fat"? Di answers fit shock you.

"Obesity na choice, no be disease"

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Image example Willpower cannot be linked to obesity, as suggested by scientific evidence

America na one of di kontris wey dis mata don affect pass. Research say 36% of di population now dey obese.

Dis make di American Medical Association for 2013 to call obesity a disease.

But 36% of doctors and 46% of nurses still tink say na choice and 80% tink say na lifetime choice dey cause obesity, according ro 2018 polls.

But di British Psychological Society tok say na lie on top say biological and psychological factors join with di place and pipo pesin grow with.

Dem say for report, "obesity no because say pesin no get di ginger to chase am comot."

"E no be about genetics per say"

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Image example Research found a link between genetics and obesity in the 1990s

Scientific research don show di link between your genes and weda you go get weight since di 1990s

Last July, researchers for di Norwegian University of Science and Technology find say pipo wey e dey dia genes get higher body mass index (BMI) and di average don dey increase ova di years.

BMI na di way dem dey measure weda your weight dey healthy and dem dey calculate am with how much wey you weigh by how tall you dey.

"Being overweight go always you to dey unhealthy"

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Na fact say overweight dey cause health wahala for many pipo.

But research don dey check weda na everybodi obesity dey cause wahala and for di European Society of Cardiology study for 2012, dem find wetin dem call "obesity paradox".

Dem find say pipo dey wey go dey obese but dem dey fit and healthy with no high cholesterol or high blood pressure at all and even dem dey fit pass oda obese pipo.

Francisco Ortega, from di University of Granada in Spain tok say "make doctors dey put dat one for mind say no be everi fat pesin go get di same wahala."

"All calories dey equal"

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Image example No be how much you dey chop but wetin yo dey chop

Dem always dey tell you say make you watch your calories when you wan lose weight and na good tip, but no be only about di number of di calories but also about di quality of wetin you dey chop , abi?

One 2011 Havard University study show say "a calorie no be one calorie" and say some foods fit contribute make you add weight long term.

For di study dem find say over eating of French fries alone bin cause pesin to increase by 1.5kg everi four years, while over eating only vegetables actually make dem lose 0.09kg.

Di study say, "To help pipo to dey chop less calories, you need to arrange wetin pipo go fit to over chop and wetin dem must eat less of."

"Make we get weight loss goal wey make sense no we no go vex"

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Image example Say your goal make sense no mean say you go reach am

To avoid high expectations na beta rule for life but studies show say no be always di case with weight loss.

One experiment for di Journal of di American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics show say higher expectations for weight loss make beta results for a group of 88 pipo wey bin get severe obesity.

"Na only rich kontris dey get obesity"

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Image example Di lower price of junk food make obesity be problem for dem.

Na true say plenti developed kontris get high obesity rates, but wia poor kontris dey for world rankings go shock you.

For places wey get obesity, na Pacific Island get nations wey e dey affect pass, American Samoa get almost 75% wey dey obese.

According to WHO, places like Egypt and Turkey wey be developing kontris get 32% of dia population wey dey obese.

Infact, studies show say pipo wey no get plenti money fit dey greater risk to dey obese.

Sabi pipo tok say na because healthy foods dey cost pass.

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Image example Breastfeeding fit cut di risk of pikin to dey obese

"Breastfeeding no get anytin to do with obesity"

Data from WHO from last April show say if you breastfeed pikin, you fit cut down risk of obesity for im life.

Joao Breda wey be senior author for di study say you no fit deny di benefits of breastfeeding for pikin weight, but oda sabi pipo say e also depend on wetin di mama dey chop as she dey breastfeed.

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