Butt lift surgery: 'Why I wan comot my fake bumbum'

Woman wey wear pant and bra.

One blogger from Norway and TV pesin Sophie Elise dey 20 years old wen she decide say she want big bumbum.

Sophie wey describe hersef as woman wey "tin and small", say she bin just wan do small lift for dat area of her bodi.

Influencers evriwia for her Instagram bin dey promote places and doctors wey fit do bumbum enlargement and BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift.

She find somewia for Turkey to do am wey she say dey expensive but dem give her good deal.

"True-true, e cheap pass wetin e suppose be. E suppose cost more," Sophie tell Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Wia dis foto come from, Sophie elise

Wetin we call dis foto,

Sophie do di surgery five years ago

So why she dey desperate to comot di implants five years just afta wey she do di surgery?

Di gbege start wen she reach house.

Sophie say she bin dey in serious pain afta di surgery - as she bin expect.

As pesin wey be "public figure" for Norway, wit two TV shows and one podcast - and almost 500,000 Instagram followers - she say pipo begin comment about di surgery immediately.

Pipo tink say e no look natural, say e no match di rest of her bodi.

"I don see am now say no be wetin I suppose do. Evritin happen kpakpakpa. And I fit tell now say I no tink am well."

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Brazilian butt lift: ‘My bum-bum dey give me confidence’

Di 24-year-old bin decide to do silicone implants instead of BBL procedure - wey be wen dem comot fat from parts of di bodi come inject am for di bumbum.

Implants fit be beta option for pipo wey no get plenti fat for dia bodi but e dey always big pass BBL and sometimes di result no dey look natural, according to plenti surgeons.

Bumbum surgery don get plenti negative attention for recent years, especially afta two British women die afta dem travel go Turkey to do BBL last year 2018.

Patients dey "risk serious complications... and even death" as dem dey travel abroad for cosmetics surgery, according to di British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps).

She say she don realize say she get "fine bodi" and she wan comot dem.

Sophie don fine new surgeon afta she do research on correct websites - instead of through pipo wey influencers dey promote ontop Instagram.

But comma dey inside.

"I no fit comot di silicon kpatakpata. I go need to replace am wit new one wey dey smaller," she tok.

"Di new consultation wey I do, dem suspect say di silicone wey I get na breast implants and dat one no good."

Sophie say she go do di surgery again but she go use beta doctor.

For now, she just wan reduce wetin dey dia to sometin wey dey small and natural .