Essex lorry deadi bodi: UK Police still dey kweshon di driver

Aerial view of the scene

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Police said 39 bodies were found inside a lorry container on the industrial estate

Police for UK stil dey kweshon one lorry driver over di 39 deadi bodi dem find for im trailer wey get fridge for Essex.

Authorities arrest Mo Robinson, 25, from Portadown, County Armagh say dem suspect say im commit murder on Wednesday.

Officers for Northern Ireland don raid two houses wey Mr Robinson get- one dey Markethill, County Armagh, and another for nearby Laurelvale.

Di National Crime Agency tok say dem dey work to identify di "organised crime groups" wey fit also get hand inside di mata.

Essex police tok for statement say dem receive first report about di bodies wey dem see inside lorry for Waterglade Industrial Park for Grays just before 01:40 local time (00:40 GMT) on Wednesday. Di town dey about 15km (nine miles) east of London.

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Dem see thirty nine deadi bodi inside di trailer container

Na one ambulance staff na im see di bodies wey im call police but "Sadly all di 39 pipo wey dey inside di container don die".

Police tok say e be like say one of di pipo wey die na teenager while di rest na adults.

Dem neva know wia di pipo come from and police say e go be long process before dem know where dem come from and who dem be.

Di police bin suggest say di lorry fit come from Bulgaria but later dem say di motor enta UK from Belgium.

Bulgarian foreign ministry for statement tok say: "Dem neva fit identify di bodies of 38 adults and one teenager wey dem see inside di lorry , but police say dem fit no come from Bulgaria".

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Mo Robinson, di lorry driver wey dem arrest

Belgian prosecutors don dey chook eye to know weda dem carry di trailer travel through Belgium.

Essex police correct dia earlier statement say on 19 October, di lorry bin enta di UK from Holyhead, wey be major Irish Sea port in Wales

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar tok say dem go torchlight di mata to know weda di lorry pass through Ireland.

Di Bulgarian foreign ministry tok say: "Dem register di Scania truck for Varna (on di east coast of Bulgaria) under di name of company wey one Irish citizen get."

Dem neva know wia di lorry originate from.

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Police say na 39 pipo die inside di lorry wey dem believe say come from Bulgaria

Na attempt to smuggle pipo enta UK?

We neva know but Essex police don warn say di investigation go dey "long and complex".

Di National Crime Agency say dem dey try see if na group of pipo dey involve for di killing of di 39 pipo.

BBC tori persin Mark Easton report say pipo wey dey smuggle pipo don move to oda routes since dem close Calais migrant camps three years ago for France and dem increase security measures for Dover and the Channel Tunnel.

Britain National Crime Agency tell BBC say na all di UK ports dem dey use for human trafficking.

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All UK ports wey dem dey use carry human cargo through, Di National Crime Agency tok

More dangerous methods na im dem dey use carry human cargo.

Di one wey dey common na to hide pipo for back of lorry, dem dey use commercial shipping containers di ones wey be refrigerator.

Di migrants, wey fit pay £10,000 ($12,900) or more go get space for dis vehicles.

Dem dey charge lorry just over £400 to cross ferry from Zeebrugge to Purfleet.

United Nations don record di number of migrants wey don die in transit since 2014

Dem don find five bodi of suspected migrants for lorries or container for UK since 2014:

  • 2014: Dem find one Afghan migrant bodi for Tilbury Docks, Essex, e dey inside shipping container with 34 oda Afghans wey survive
  • 2015: Two migrants die for wooden crate for warehouse for Branston, Staffordshire . Dem send di crate from Italy.
  • 2016: Dem crush one 18 year old migrant wen e jump di under side of lorry for Banbury, Oxfordshire.
  • 2016: Dem find one bodi for Kent for di back of di lorry wey dey travel from France.

Dem no dey collect data di same way before migrant crisis start from 2014 but di death no be new tin.

For 2000, dem see 58 Chinese migrants wey suffocate inside lorry for di southern English port of Dover.