Kanye West: Jesus Is King album don drop - see wetin you suppose know about di 11 tracks

  • Harry Itie
  • BBC Pidgin, Lagos
Kanye West

Wia dis foto come from, Rich Fury

Wetin we call dis foto,

Kanye West dey perform for im Sunday Service

Afta plenti tok tok, Grammy winner Kanye West finally drop im gospel album, Jesus Is King on Friday evening.

Di 11-track album na follow up to im eight album, Ye, wey im release for 2018

Plenty gbebge follow di drop of di album as di rapper move di album wey im originally announce say go comot on September 27 plenti times and di latest wey im promise for midnight of October 25, make pipo para. Im come tweet say dem dey try finish di mix on top some songs.

Di artist wey call imsef di greatest artist wey don exist finally dop di album wey get 11 tracks.

New Era

Di album dey mark new era for Kanye West as im don tok say im no go perform secular songs again. Andrew Barber confam am wen im listen to di album before di album drop.

Im work with gospel pipo for di project.

Even though Kanye feature ogbonge secular artists like Ty Dolla Sign, Timbaland and Kenny G for di album, im also work wit some award winning gospel artists like Fred Hammond, and Warryn Campbell, producer and husband of gospel superstar, Erica Campbell wey dey Mary Mary.

Im tell di pipo wey dey work on di album make dem no do kerewa if dem never marry

For im interview with Zane Lowe of Beats 1, Kanye tok say im tell pipo wey dey work on di album say make dem no sleep with pipo way dem no dey married to. Im add say im want make dem focus on di project because if pipo pray and fast together, power go increase.

Jesus is King dey wherever dem dey sell music and im plan to drop anoda album for Christmas day wey im call 'Jesus Is Born.' Di concert film wey im also call 'Jesus Is King' don comot for IMAX theatres.

Jesus na di main figure of di Christian religion and many pipo wey dey follow di religion believe say im be di son of God wey die for di sins of di world over 2000 years ago.