Lake Makgadikgadi: Human being originally come from Botswana

Lake Makgadikgadi dry well well now

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Lake Makgadikgadi dry well well now

Sabi pipo for science don locate di main di main place wey all human beings wey dey world today from come.

200,000 years ago, Lake Makgadikgadi, for south of Zambesi River for Botswana na di ancestral home of all modern human beings.

Today, di area wey bin be very big lake long long time ago na mainly salt stone full dia now.

Sabi pipo say, our ancestors bin live dia for 70,000 years until di weather change.

Dem begin to move to greener pasture wey dey fertile until dem gradually migrate comot from Africa.

Prof. Vanessa Hayes, na sabi pesin wey dey study genetics for Garvan Institute of Medical Research for Australia, she say, "for some time now e dey clear say, di modern human bin appear for Africa 200,000 years ago.

"Wetin dem bin don dey debate for long na, wia be di exact location wey our earliest ancestors from come and wia dem from spread go oda parts of di world."

But, oda sabi pipo for dis field no too sure about Prof Hayes conclusions.