Burial: Why South Koreans dey bury pipo wey neva die

Pipo wey neva die for inside coffin Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dem say di purpose na make pipo consider life wella

Hyowon Healing Center for South Korea don organise burial for more than 25,000 pipo. But all dis pipo wey dem bury still dey alive.

Dis na wetin dem dey call "living funeral", and di way dem dey do am na say, pesin wey dey alive and well, go write im last will, come lie down inside coffin for like ten minutes.

And why anyone go wan do fake burial for imsef?

Di organisers believe say because di pesin now don get death for mind and see as e be, e go begin live life in a new way.

One of di participants, 28 year old student, Choi Jin-kyu tell Reuters tori pipo say e bin no understand wetin im dey do dia but di tok teach am say e bin dey see every bodi as competition and now e dey plan to start business instead of im former plan to enta job market.

Professor Yu Eun-sil, wey be doctor of pathology and wey done write book on death tok say e dey important for young pipo to learn and pipo to prepare for death.

Di pesin wey own di Hyowon company Jeong Yong-mun tok say e dey sweet am for belle wey pipo dey reconcile or forgive demsef for funeral but sometimes time don pass for dat kain monent.

Oga Jeong say im sabi how to torchlight di 'customers' wey come because dem wan commit suicide and afta e follow dem tok, dem go change dia mind.

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