Akitoshi Okamoto: Police arrest pensioner wey call company 24,000 times for eight days

One BBC Pidgin tori pesin hold phone for hand to make call. Tuesday 03/12/19

Police for Japan don arrest one 71 years old pensioner for Saitama wey use plenti-plenti phone calls take worry di life of one Telephone Company.

Di pensioner, Akitoshi Okamoto call di telephone company toll-free number 24,000 times for eight days to complain and ask dem plenty kwesion with di claim say dem violate im contract.

According to di telephone company (KDDI), Okamoto dey vex say im telephone no dey pick up radio broadcasts and so e begin call dem multiple times to show im frustrations.

At first, KDDI no wan bin press charges against any of dia customer, But di calls come dey too much to ignore, sotey di company no even fit attend to oda customer.

Report from oda media say di calls fit even pass 24,000 times because some tori pipo dey report say Okamoto make thousands more calls from public pay phones to tell di company say im no dey happy with dem and e even insult di customer service staff.

"E demand say make KDDI staff waka come meet am to apologize for violating im contract. E also hang up im calls plenti times immediately afta di call go through," one police tok-tok pesin.

Police later arrest am on top suspicion of "fraudulent obstruction of business" and investigate on top di mata still dey go on.

Court fit charge Okamoto under Japan "obstruction of business" law wey allow for criminal punishment against anybodi wey make am impossible for companies to perform dia normal operations.

For one interview, Okamoto tell police say im na di victim for dis situation.

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