Businessman pay light bills for 36 neighbours make dem for jolly during Christmas

Christmas decorations

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One 73 years old businessman wey want make im neighbours enjoy light during di Christmas celebration don help 36 of dem pay dia light bills.

Michael Esmond wey be owner of one pool installation company for Florida, tok say afta e receive im own electricity bill, e come get di idea to "reduce di stress" of im fellow neighbours.

As Esmond go pay for gas and water bill early dis month, e come see one notice wey say Dem go cut off di light of anybody wey no pay before 26 December.

E say im come call di city of Gulf Breeze, wia im dey live, to ask weda im fit help pay for everybodi wey dey owe dem bills for im community.

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Michael Esmond say e surprise am wen di city send cards to di pipo wey im pay dia bills

Oga Esmond tell BBC say wetin motivate am to do dis good na sake of wetin im don bin pass through years ago wey im no get light to on heater during di holiday season.

"Dis kind tin don happun to me before during di 80's. I no get light for di whole winter break."

Esmond add say dis experience happun to come be di coldest ever record winter wey im don use e eyes take see.

In total, Esmond pay $4,600 (£3,500) to help 36 families for di community wey 6,000 pipo dey live.

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Local tori pipo cari wetin im do put for front page of newspaper

But Esmond no know say di city send holiday cards go give di pipo wey im pay dia gbese and write inside di card: "with honour and privilege we dey inform you say Gulf Breeze pools & Spas don pay all di utility bill wey you dey owe"

"You fit get rest of mind dis holiday season as e be say you no get too much bills to pay."

Later, Esmond phone come dey ring upandan togeda with text message and emails from pipo wey want thank am.

Even many pipo don promise Esmond say dem go pay upfront and do good give odas because im don ginger dem.

Oga Esmond says e don already dey think wetin im go next year but e no go be di same tin good wey im do dis year.