Christmas message: Pope Francis say God still love all of us, even di worst pesin

Pope Francis during Christmas Eve mass for St Peter's Basilica for di Vatican. Photo: 24 December 2019

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Pope Francis last week introduce ogbonge changes to remove di rule of "pontifical secrecy"

Pope Francis don welcome Christmas with tok say God love everybody - "even di worst pesin".

Im bin dey speak to thousands of pipo during Christmas Eve Mass inside St Peter's Basilica for di Vatican.

"You fit get mistaken ideas, you fit don spoil tins.... but di Lord still love you," di Argentine pope tok.

Many go interpret dis tok to mean di scandals and sex abuse wey don happun for di Church, our correspondent tok.

Pope Francis go return to St Peter's Basilica later on Christmas Day to deliver di traditional pope message to di world.

Among di pipo wey take part for di Mass na children wey dem chose from kontries including Venezuela, Iraq and Uganda.

BBC Rome correspondent Mark Lowen say dis na clear move by di leader of di 1.3 billion Catholics wey dey like to focuse on di mata plight of migrants and victims of war, as well as to make sure say di church reach pipo wey dey outskirts.

Wetin di Pope tok?

"Christmas remind us say God continue to dey love all of us, even the worst pesin. To me, to you, to each of us, im tok today: 'I love you and I go always love you, for you precious for my eyes,'" di 83-year-old pope tok.

"God no love you because you dey tink and act di right way. He love you, plain and simple. Im love dey unconditional; e no depend on you."

Di Pope tok point go di abuse and financial scandals wey dey worry di Church.

"Anytin wey go wrong for our lives, whatever no work for di Church, whatever problems dey dis world, no go longer serve as excuse."

Last week, di Pope introduced ogbonge changes to comot di rule of "pontifical secrecy" wey don affect di issue of child abuse for di Church.

Pope Francis don also face serious pressure to provide leadership and solutions to di crisis, wey don hammer di Church in recent years.