End of a decade: Ten big tori wey make headlines for di 2010s

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2010-2019 na decade wey we go remember as one wey get all di big-big tori dem wey bring di world togeda at one point or anoda.

So many tins wey pipo no expect happun, plenti tins change and e get news wey make di world join together sake of say dem dey strange and dem dey unique.

Dis na some of di ogbonge tori wey di world experience for di last decade.

Gadaffi death for 2011

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For October 20, 2011 afta 42 year regime, revolutionaries capture Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi to kill am.

Gadaffi death shake di world as plenti pipo wey dey use bad eye look di Libyan leader see im death as di beginning of democratic rule for di Arab nation.

Pope Benedict XVI resign, 2013

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Benedict XVI shock di world for February wen e become di first pope to resign afta 600 years.

But attention quick shift from am to di pesin wey dem go choose to replace am and di election of Pope Francis.

As di drama dey go on, pipo still dey ask why di Pope resign? Im explain for im official statement say na sake of say im no dey strong physically and mentally to continue to dey lead di Catholic Church.

Di death of Nelson Mandela, 2013

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Wen former South Africa President Jacob Zuma announce di death of Nelson Mandela, for national TV, di whole world stand still as dem hear di shocking news of di first black president for South Africa.

Jacob Zuma call am father of South Africa. Nelson Mandela death become major headlines for all di news station for di world. Pipo release movies, songs and documentaries to honour di late freedom fighter.

#BringBackOurGirls Campaign, 2014

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Di campaign to rescue ova 200 school girls wey Islamic militant group Boko Haram kidnap from Chibok for April 2014 catch di world attention sotee world leaders and celebrities cari placard for social media

dey ask make Nigeria goment do something sharperly to rescue dem.

Nigeria Elections, 2015

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Image example Buhari win re-election as President of Nigeria for 2019

For 2015, Former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari become di first opposition candidate to win presidential election for Nigeria.

Gen Buhari (rtd) beat im rival Goodluck Jonathan by more than 2.5 million votes, for di final result wey dem show.

Afta 16 years for power di People's democratic party PDP lose dia hold of di presidency of di kontri.

Donald Trump become US president, 2016

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Donald J. Trump's victory for di 2016 United State presidential election be like political earthquake, as di world no expect im win against im democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton

Di tori of di real estate developer and former reality television star na im monopolise headlines for days afta di announcement.

Leicester win Premier League for 2016

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One of di greatest sport tori of all time na wen Leicester City win di premier league title for May 2016.

Plenti pipo no expect say dem go win di league as dem be small club wey only survive relegation for dia last season before dem win di league.

Meghan Markle Royal Wedding, 2018

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Plenti record na im Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding break. Dat na di first time wey black woman go become duchess of Sussex,

For May 19, 2018 on di day of dia wedding, millions of pipo all ova di world na im sit down to watch di royal wedding, ova 3 million pipo for social media na im tweet about di royal wedding on dat day

Na one of di event wey di whole world hear and join to watch as e happun.

Black panther movie, 2018

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Marvel Black Panther wey dem release for February 2018 get di world attention as di first Marvel superhero movie wey black pesin go be di major character and even di director.

Di film become di first Superhero movie to receive Best Picture Oscar Nomination... for December, di film make headlines again as e become di first superhero film wey dem nominate for Golden Globe for Best Picture. Black Panther still become di highest grossing movie from any African American director.

Ghana year of return, 2019

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Di "Year of Return, Ghana 2019" na major marketing campaign wey happun for di kontri, dem target di African - American and pipo wey dey Diaspora to come join Ghana to mark 400 years of di first time wey dem go enslave African wey arrive Jamestown Virginia.

Olaronke Alo na im write dis tori.

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