Japan postman hide 24,000 letters for im house sake of 'stress' to deliver dem

A postbox in Hayakawa, west of Tokyo Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Reports say the man has been hiding post at his house since 2003

Japanese police don announce say dem dey investigate one former postman wey keep tens of thousands of items wey e no gree deliver for im house.

Authorities find about 24,000 pieces of mail for di man house for Kanagawa, near Tokyo.

Tori be say di 61-year-old wey dem no gree tok im name say na "too much work for am to deliver dem," and e be no wan look like say e no dey able like im younger colleagues.

Yokohama post office don apologise and promise to deliver all di post.

Di branch - wia di man bin dey work as head of delivery, according to Kyodo News report - become suspicious last year afta dem do internal check. Di man admit say true-true e do am and na so dem fire am.

Authorities come lodge criminal complain give police, dem refer to about 1,000 deliveries wey miss between February 2017 and November last year.

But reports dey suggest say di former postman don dey keep mail for im house since 2003.

If dem find am guilty, e fit spend up to three years in jail, or pay fine of about 500,000 yen ($4,600; £3,500).

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