Coronavirus: Why e dey difficult for pipo to no dey touch dia face?

  • By Fernando Duarte
  • BBC World Service
Girl, distracted, touching her face

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Wetin we call dis foto,

We all dey touch tins for our face without say we even register say we dey do am

One of di major difference wey human beings get with animals na say we be di only ones wey dey touch our face and we no dey know say we dey do am.

And na wetin dey help spread disease such as di new coronavirus (Covid-19).

Why we dey do am and how we go fit stop am?

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Our eyes, nose and mouth na way wey yama-yama disease dem fit enta our bodi

Why we dey do am?

Human beings and some primates no fit do without say dem touch dia face, and e be like na because of evolution.

Dacher Keltner wey be professor of psychology for UC Berkeley for America say na to make us feel cool and oda times we dey use am to toast pipo wey we like.

Oda sabi pipo for behavioural science think say na way to control emotions and our attention span. Dem say e dey for di core of our existence.

But di wahala be say dis touch-touch of face na im dey create chance for yama-yama to enta bodi

For instance, covid-19 dey enta bodi through liquids from mouth and nose of pesin wey get am.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

No be only humans dey touch face any how

But infection sef dey happun afta we touch objects or sufarces di virus don contaminate since, studies show say oda batches of coronavirus from before dey tanda for surface for nine days sef.

Di fact say e dey last like dat, plus how we dey like to touch our face make am very dangerous.

Most sabi pipo for health sector think say di mask wearing wey we dey do go help more as pipo dey like touch dia face than even to filter di air wey dem dey breathe, according to Stephen Griffin wey be University of Leeds professor.

Wetin we fit do to reduce as we dey touch face?

Behavioural scientist Michael Hallsworth, wey be Columbia University professor tok say to tell pipo stop to dey touch dia face na wahala wey dem neva solve till now.

Oga Hallsworth tok say e go easy pass to make pipo dey wash dia hands pass than to tell dem, make dem no touch dia face.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

How you go stop sometin wey you no even sabi say you dey do?

Hallsworth tink say make we find di reasons why we dey touch our face and look for oda ways to solve as we dey touch face.

"Like, if your face dey scratch, you fit use di back of your hand, no be say dat one good but e beta pass."

"Pipo wey dey touch dia eyes fit wear glasses, or you fit siddon on top your hands if you feel say, you go touch your face."

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Washing of hand na di koko

You fit use oda things wey go keep your hands busy like fidget spinners or stress balls but make sure say you disinfect am.

But no wear gloves because if you no change am as regularly as you suppose dey wash hand e fit get contaminated.

Las-las, nothing beta pas than to dey wash hand well-well na di beta way to go.

As WHO oga Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tok am for press conference for 28 February, "We no need to dey wait for vaccines or medicine, tins dey way pipo fit do to protect demsefs and odas today."