Kim Jong-un dey seriously sick? Dis na wetin we know

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un takes part in a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers" Party of Korea

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Wetin we call dis foto,

No be di first time wey pipo go dey tok-tok about Kim Jong-un has had speculation about his health before this

Reports wey say North Korean leader Kim Jong-un dey seriously sick afta im do heart surgery no dey true, according to officials for South Korea.

Headlines wey say Kim Jong-un dey "seriously sick", "brain-dead" or im dey "recover from operation" go always dey impossible to torchlight.

But di presidential office for Seoul don tok say no particular signs from di North to indicate say di 36-year-old dey "seriously sick".

Dis also no go be di first time rumour about im health go bring up plenty tok tok - only for dem to dismiss am later.

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Di tok-tok start wen Kim Jong-un miss di birthday celebration of im grandfather

Wen di rumour start?

Kim Jong-un recently miss di celebration of im grandpapa birthday on 15 April. Dis na one of di biggest events of di year, e dey mark di birth of di founder of di nation.

Kim Jong-un no ever don miss am - and very unlikely say e simply choose not to turn up.

As e be, im absence start di speculation and rumour, none of which dey easy to prove.

Kim Jong-un last appear for state media on 12 April as im "inspect pursuit assault plane group" for one handout wey no get date.

We know say im chair one key political meeting di day before, from state media despatches. But dem never see am since.

State media also no make any mention of im presence for one missile test last week. Im dey usually dey for dis kind launch dem.

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di last time dem see Kim Jong-un for picture na for dis inspection images wey dem release on 12 April by state authorities

Di first report of illness

Di claim about Kim Jong-un ill health surface for one website report on Tuesday wey one North Korean opposition dey run.

Anonymous source tell tori pipo Daily NK say Kim dey struggle with cardiovascular problems since last August "but e become worse afta many visits to Mount Paektu".

Dis come lead to many reports by international media ontop story wey get just one source.

News agencies come begin to run with dat claim, and na all dem bin get until some reports comot from intelligence agencies for South Korea and also show say di US too dey monitor di claim.

But later one sensational headline for US media comot say di North Korean leader dey in critical condition after heart surgery.

However, statement from South Korea goment, and sources for Chinese intelligence - for interview with Reuters news agency - say di tori no dey true.

E dey important to note say nobody don deny say Kim Jong-un undergo heart surgery.

Di statement from South Korea and China merely deny say di North Korean leader dey seriously sick.

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North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun carry several photo wey show di North Korean leader dey use cane for October 2014

No be di first time Kim 'go miss'

For 2014, Kim Jong-un disappear for 40 days from early September - wey spark plenti speculation, wey include say oda political opposition don use coup comot am.

Den im re-appear for picture wia im hold cane.

State media dat time admit say im bin dey suffer from "uncomfortable physical condition", but dem no address rumours say im dey suffer from gout.

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Tori be say Kim Jong-il prepare im youngest son to take over for many years

Who go replace Kim if im die?

If anytin happun to di North Korean leader, e no dey clear who go replace am.

Kim Jong-un papa prepare am to lead di kontri for many years. Di Kim dynasty look secure.

Kim sister, Kim Yo-jong, look like di clear choice. No be only say she come from di sacred "Paektu blood line", wey define di Kim dynasty, she done dey make more headlines of her own.

Last month she make her first public statement and she done dey make constant presence by her brother side for key summits.

But for now, we fit only watch and wait to see if North Korea react to dis many speculation about their leader health.

Di truth be say when e come to information about di North Korean leadership, many times we dey struggle to see road inside darkness.