Kylie Jenner: Forbes don drop di celebrity from dia billionaire list

Kylie Jenner

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For 2019, Forbes declare say Kylie Jenner na self-made billionaire

Forbes magazine don cancel reality TV star-turn entrepreneur Kylie Jenner from dia list of billionaires, and also accuse her family say dem inflate di value of her cosmetics business.

Forbes say di family use "unusual lengths" to present di youngest member as pesin wey rich pass as she true-true be.

Inside tweets, Jenner reply di article say na "inaccurate statements and unproven assumptions lol".

"I no ever ask for any title or try to lie my way go dia," she write.

"I fit name di list of 100 things wey dey more important right now dan to dey chook eye on how much money I get," she add.

Dis move na U-Turn from di status Forbes give Jenner for 2019, wen dem declare say she be self-made billionaire.

Di description dat time bin cause controversy, with many pipo dey criticise di "self-made" title. Dem point to her upbringing as Kardashian family reality TV star.

Forbes, wey pipo sabi for dia ogbonge billionaire rankings, credit Jenner status to the success of her cosmetics company, wey she found for 2015 and wey include Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin.

Jenner last year announce say she go sell 51% stake for di company to beauty giant Coty for $600m.

Forbes say di family accountant provide tax returns wey suggest say di firm bin do more dan $300m in sales for 2016 and say publicists claim sales of $330m di following year.

But information wey Coty share, wey dem dey use do public trading, show say Jenner firm dey "significantly smaller and less profitable dan wetin di family spend years dey lead di cosmetics industry and media outlets, including Forbes, to believe", Forbes tok.

Coty presentation to investors about di business suggest say di firm do only $125m in sales for 2018.

"If Kylie Cosmetics do $125 million for sales for 2018, how dem go fit do $307 million for 2016 (as di company supposed tax returns tok) or $330 million for 2017?" Forbes ask for di article.

Despite di magazine downgrade, nothing do Jenner.

Forbes say she pocket $340m from di sale of her business. Dem now estimate say her net worth na "just under $900m".

Forbes writers don bin also accuse oda would-be billionaire of inflating dia riches, including US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and President Donald Trump.