George Floyd: Who be di man wey cause 'Black Lives Matter' protest worldwide?

George Floyd face for street art for Berlin Germany

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George Floyd face for street art for Berlin Germany

Before im face as im lie down under police man knee, dey cry say "I no fit breathe", become di symbol of di "Black Lives Matter" fight for di world, George Floyd bin dey live life.

Like di good times wen im be teenager for Houston and play American football for in team, Yates High School Lions, win di 1992 Texas state champion runners-up.

Or di wahala im face wen dem arrest am for armed robbery for 2007 and spend five years for prison.

Dem born George Floyd for Houston Texas, for di neighbourhood wey bin dey di heart of di city black community wey dem dey call Third Ward. Na here Beyoncé sef bin grow up.

Di city dey very popular for im music sotay even Drake don sing about am. Infact, for di 1990s, Floyd sef bin rap under di name Big Floyd.

Pesin dey wear George Floyd shirt

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But no be only music, im area bin dey popular for, di poverty na wetin one of Floyd friend tok about, Ronnie Lilard say "e dey as if bomb explode for di area".

Ronnie say na di shanty wey dem build for di 1920s na im pipo wey dey di area dey stay.

Floyd bin popular for for di council estate housing project wey dem call Cuney Homes. Im na very gifted athlete wey bin play both basketball and American football, and because of im height of six foot six, dem bin dey call am "gentle giant".

Jonathan Veal wey be im childhood friend and teammate tok say George Floyd, "shock am because im bin dey six feet two at di age of 12".

For John Yates High School, im bin play American football for di tight end position, and dem later recruit am to play basketball for South Florida State College for Avon Park, Florida wey im be student for 1993 to 1995, according to CNN.

E go back Texas to continue school for Texas A&M University, Kingsville but im no finish im degree.

South Africa join di rest of di world to protest

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South Africa join di rest of di world to protest

Im life come go left, as dem arrest am plenti times say im tiff or bin get drugs for hand. Dem charge am with armed robbery for 2007, wey land am five years for prison.

But wen im comot, im begin dey work hard dey find way to beta im life and im community, according to oga Lillard.

Im born im daughter Gianna Floyd with partner Roxie Washington for 2014, and Miss Washington say, "im daughter prove say na beta pesin im be."

Infact, video comot of am from 2017, wia e bin dey tok against gun violence and how e dey tell young pipo make dem "come home".

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Thousands of pipo dey continue to protest against di death of George Floyd.

Im family tell local tori pipo say na for 2018 im comot Texas go Minneapolis as friends encourage am from one Christian work programme,

Na so im find work as security man for dia local Salvation Army charity and also dey work as lorry driver and dance club bouncer for Conga Latin Bistro for wia dem bin dey call am "Big Floyd".

But on ontop di coronavirus palava, Floyd na one of di millions of pipo wey lose dia jobs.

For 25 May when im die, dem bin call police for am say im bin dey try to use fake money to take buy cigarette.