Entrepreneur for Vietnam do 'free rice ATM' for di poor

Rice ATMs

Wia dis foto come from, Hoang Tuan Anh

Wetin we call dis foto,

To get food all you need do na to press button

One Vietnamese businessman don dey install free rice ATM all over di kontri to help pipo wey di coronavirus outbreak don affect dia lives.

Hoang Tuan Anh bin first build di rice dispensing machine for Ho Chi Min city to support pipo wey lose dia jobs because of di outbreak.

Di ATMs wey dey give 1.5kg of rice at a time and don popular sotay, e dey build more all ova Vietnam.

E pass five million pipo wey lose dia source of money for Vietnam wen dem do national lockdown.

How e dey work be say dem dem pass di rice through pipes to dispenser. Wen pesin come press button for di ATM, e dey give notification to voluter wey go come release di rice.

Oda businesses dem and donors don make am possible so e go fit to extend di service across di kontri.

Wia dis foto come from, Hoang Tuan Anh

Wetin we call dis foto,

Rice ATMs across Vietnam dey help pipo see food chop

Im say "I bin want 24/7 ATM wey go provide free rice give pipo wey no get work, e say na because im no say good pipo dey outside and im wan give dem second chance."

Oga Anh bin plan say im go leave di dispensers open for two months afta di outbreak don go down.

But now im want make di "ATMs dem to continue dey work for anoda way dey help poor pipo, even afta Covid-19 palava don finish."

Wia dis foto come from, Hoang Tuan Anh

Wetin we call dis foto,

Hoang Tuan Anh na di Vietnamese businessman wey dey build ATM to give free rice

Anh, wey dey run security and smart home services, say im don share like 3,000 tonnes of rice for Vietnam.

And with di ova 1,000 sponsors wey don dey ground now, e dey plan to open 100 rice ATMs las-las.

Pipo fit collect 1.5kg rice twice per day to help feed dia families but dem no tok how dem go dey monitor am.