Trump niece Mary write book wey damn di American president - See wetin dey inside

Donald Trump and im siblings dem

Wia dis foto come from, Trump Campaign

Wetin we call dis foto,

Donald Trump and im siblings dem

American Presido Donald Trump niece don set to release book wey she write about am, wey no go sweet im belle at all.

For 8 July, Mary Trump dey plan to comot di book, Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man.

Di book suppose comot just a few weeks before Presido Trump suppose accept im party nomination for im re-election bid for November.

Mary na Trump elder brother Fred Jnr Trump pikin.

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Donald Trump as pikin (far left) and im siblings dem

So wetin di book go tok?

Na Mary make dem do investigate for Donald Trump money mata

Tori be say di book go tok how she bin gve di New York Times informate plus documents dem wey make dem torchlight how Trump dey make im money.

Di investigation wey win Pulitzer Prize bin tok say di president get hand for wuruwuru tax practices and collect pass $400 million today money from im papa real estate business.

Wetin make Donald Trump dey as im dey

According to small bit of di book from Amazon, di book go show how Donald Trump "turn to di damaged man wey currently dey di Oval Office, wey go include di strange and harmful relationship Fred Trump bin get with im two oldest pikin, Fred Jnr and Donald."

How im mistreat im papa wen e get Alzheimer's Disease

Tori also show say Mary wan accuse di presido say im mistreat and abandon im papa wen di man start to dey suffer from Alzheimer's.

Mary say she be beta source for all dis informate because she don see am as "first hand witness for plenti-plenti holidays togeda as family".

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Donald Trump and im papa Fred Trump for 1988 for The Plaza Hotel for New York

Mary Trump, 55, don dey dogde di spotlight since her uncle become presido as di beef wey dem get don last past 20 years, she and her broda bin sue to argue di money wey Fred Trump Sr drop for im estate.

Mary Lea Trump na PHD holder for Adelphi University New York and for 2012, tori be say she open one company wey she call Trump Coaching Group. .