US election update: See very really simple guide to understand di mata

Promo foto dey show Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Di president of United States of America get big influence on how di world dey take respond to international crises like war, global pandemic and climate change.

So wen time for election reach for every four years, plenty pipo dey dey interested on wetin di result go be, but no be many pipo understand how di process dey work.

Even here for BBC News, we gatz remind oursef how di electoral college dey take work and wetin battle ground state be.

So if you dey look for how to refresh your memory or you dey try to understand am for di first time, dis guide go help you.

Wen be di election and who be di candidates?

Di election of president dey always happun on di first Tuesday afta di first Monday of of November, meaning say, dis year own go happun on November 3.

Unlike many oda kontris, di US political system get two main political parties, so di president dey always belong to one of dem.

Di Republicans na di conservative political party for US and dis candidate dis year na President Donald Trump, wey dey hope to get anoda four years for office.

Di Democrats na di liberal political for US and dia candidate na Joe Biden, im get plenty experience for politics and serve as Barak Obama vice president for eight years.

Di two men dey for dia 70s -Oga trump go dey 74 years by di time in start second term, while Oga Biden go be di oldest first-term president for history at 78.

How dem dem take dey decide winner?

No be automatic say, di candidate wey win di most vote for di kontri go be di winner for di election - like Hillary Clinton discover for 2016.

Instead, candidates go compete to win di vote of di electoral college. Each state get some number of electoral college vote base on dia population and dem get total of 538 votes , so for any candidate to win, e must to get 270or more votes.

Di one mean say, wen pesin vote for di candidate wey dem prefer, dem dey vote on state level and not national level.

All di states apart from two of dem get winner-takes-all rule, so therefore, any candidate wey win di highest number of votes go get di rest of di state electoral college votes.

Most states dey mostly support one party or di oda, which mean say di candidates go focus dia effort on mostly di states wia dem go fit win.

E also get states wia supporters of di two main parties dey almost equal for number, like Florida and Ohio. Dem dey call dis states battle ground states.

Florida and Ohio na traditional battle ground states, but for di 2020 election states like Arizona and Texas na also battle ground states sake of support for Democratic party dey increase.

Who fit vote and dem dey do am?

If you be US citizen and you dey 18 years or above, you suppose dey qualified to vote for di presidential election.

But, many states don pass law say voters must to shpow document to prove who dem be before dem go fit to vote.

Na mostly Republicans dey put dis law as dem say dem need to guard against voters fraud. But Democrats dey accuse dem say dem take style oppress voters as na mostly poor and minority voters dis law dey affect pass as dem no fit to provide ID card like drivers licence.

States also get different rules on weda prisoners go fit vote. Majority of dem dey loss dia right to vote wen dem dey convicted, but dem dey get di right back once dem comot from prison.

Most pipo dey vote for polling station on election day, but oda alternative method dey wey pesin still fit use. For 2018, 21% of pipo wey bin vote do am through post office.

How pipo go take vote dis year don turn wahala sake of coronavirus pandemic.

Some politicians want make dem use post office more, but President Trump say - even though im no too get evidence - dis fit cayse more voter fraud.

Di election na just about who go be president?

No. All di attention go dey on to Trump vs Biden, but voters go also choose new members of Congress wen dem fill dia ballot paper.

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Democrats dey already dey control di House so dem go also want continue to dey hold am plus try to get control of di Senate.

If dem get majority for di two chambers dem go fit to block or delay President Trump plans if dem elect am again.

All di 435 seats for di House dey available for election dis year, while 33 seats dey available for Senate.

Wen we go sabi di result?

E fit take many days for dem to count all di votes, but before dat time sef e dey dey clear who di winner be by early momo of di day afta voting.

For 2016, Donald Trump climb stage around 3am to give im victory speech in front of im supporters.

But, neva set your alarm o. Officials don already warn say di waiting fit take longer - if possible days or weeks sef - for di result of dis year election because dem dey expect di number voting through post office to increase.

Di last time, wey result bin no clear few hours afta vote end na for 2000 wen dem bin no confirm winner until Supreme Court declare winner one month afta.

Wen di winner go enta office?

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If Joe Biden win di election, im go immediately replace becos dem get transition period wey di new leader get to appoint im cabinet ministers plus make plan.

Dem go officially swear in di new president for office on January 20 for ceremony wey dem dey call inauguration. Dis ceremony dey happun on top di steps of di Capitol building for Washington DC.

Afta di ceremony, di new president go waka enta White House to begin im four years tenure for office.

Na Mike Hills, Evisa Terziu and Prina Shah originally write and produce am.