Michelle Obama DNC speech: Donald Trump chop yab during 2020 Democratic National Convention - See breakdown of wetin US former First Lady tok

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Michelle Obama for her DNC speech claim say Trump na di "wrong president" for US

Michelle Obama attack US President Donald Trump as Democrats (di main opposition party for US) prepare to crown Joe Biden as dia White House challenger for di 3 November US Presidential election.

"Donald Trump na di wrong president for our Kontri," na wetin di US former First Lady tok for her recorded speech to di 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Oga Trump for inside tweet wey im post for im Twitter handle say make pesin explain give her say im Donald Trump no go dey di White House if to say her husband, Barack Obama try.

He highlight some of di things wey im administration don achieve and di tins wey Obama bin fail to do wen e dey goment. He judge Obama administration and that of im vice as di most corrupt administration for US.

Some frustrated members of Oga Trump Republican party also chook mouth join for di Democratic party conference wey happun online sake of Covid-19 social distancing.

Oga Trump wey dey behind Oga Biden for opinion polls, hit back.

Because of di coronavirus outbreak, Democrats cancel plans for big crowd with balloon drops dem and all di oda political serinre for Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

But e no dey clear whether dis online schedule of pre-recorded speeches without live audience go fit generate di same kain ginger before di pandemic for di gatherings of di party faithful.

Republicans go face di same challenge as dem make di case for anoda four years for di White House for different kain convention next week.

Wetin Michelle Obama tok?

Madam Obama, wey record her speech before Oga Biden announce im running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, six days ago, bin attack Oga Trump.

"You no fit fake your way through dis job," na wetin she tok as she wear necklace wey dem write "Vote" and she siddon inside her living room.

She add say: "Our economy no get head because of one virus wey dis president downplay for too long."

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Michelle Obama, wife of di number 44 president of United State Barak Obama

"Di simple fact be say di highest office still dey take dis 'Black Lives Matter' mata like joke. Dat na wetin madam Obama add put.

"Because anytime we look White House for some leadership, or consolation wetin we dey get instead na wahala, division and lack of pity."

She say di last four years dey difficult to explain to America children.

"Dem dey see our leaders dey call fellow citizens enemies of di state, and treat white supremacists different way.

Dem dey watch in fear as children dey separated from dia families and put inside cage and dem use pepper spray and rubber bullets for pipo wey dey do peaceful protests."

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Sign advertises Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, 17 August 2020

She no end dis she continue say: "Donald Trump na di wrong president for our kontri… im no dey ready for di job of di president."

She describe Oga Biden as Very decent man", as she tok about di White House candidate experience as vice-president under her husband, President Barack Obama.

"We gatz vote for Joe Biden like say our live depend on am," na wetn she tok.