Facebook dey change Instagram, Messenger terms and conditions of di social media account login, comments & hack, dis na key things wey go affect you


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Facebook social media service wey use technology helep pipo connect wit each oda build communities plus grow business don change di rules and di conditions wey users must to obey to fit continue to dey use dia service.

Beginning from 1 October, 2020 if you dey use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Bonfire or any oda app wey be Facebook product, dis na how di new rules and conditions go take affect you:

Your personal information

According to Facebook, dem no go sell your personal informate like your name, email address or anoda information give advertisers unless you give dem permission.

But dem say since Facebook na free to use, dem go use your personal informate take send you advert wey dem feel say you go dey interested in.

Fight harmful behaviour

Facebook fit emove wetin you post, limit how you fit use some kain features for di app, close your account or report you to police.

Dem say if dem remove wetin you post wey break dia rule and condition dem go let you know and explain tins to you.

Also dem want you to report anytin wey pipo pst wey offend your right or break dia rules.

Di idea na to make dia products safe for pipo to use. Di company say dem don employ special team wey dia work na to make sure say pipo no go use dia products to harm oda pipo.

So, from now on users gatz pay attention to di kain tins dem dey post or how dem take behave to oda users.

Even if you blind you fit benefit

Di organisation say makr blind pipo no worry as dem too go fit use Facebook products.

Technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning system fit helep blind pipo understand who or wetin dey for video or foto wey dem share for Facebook or Instagram.

Also pipo wey dey for area wia internet no too dey, Facebook don build sophisticated network and communication technology wey fit help dem connect.

Commitment wey Facebook want you to make

•Use di same name wey you dey use everyday

•Give di correct infor about yourself

•Create only one account and use you timeline for personal purpose

•No share your password wit anybody and no allow anoda pesin use your account or transfer di account give anoda pesin witout Facebook permission.

You no fit use Facebook if:

•you dey below 13 years

•you be convicted sex offender

•Facebook don close your account before becos you break dia rules or policy

•Laws forbid you from reciving dia product or service

Wetin you fit or fit no share and do

Di company say dem want make pipo express demsef plus share tins wey dey important to dem but no be at di expense of oda. So, dem no go allow you to share;

•Tins wey break dia rules and conditions

•Tins wey dey against di law, fake news, wey fir mislead oda, wey dey discriminate, fraud

•Tins wey affect anoda pesin right including dia intellectual property right

•Upload virus, dangerous code

•Steal pipo data

You fit to read di rest of di rules and conditions for here.