Happy Independence Day Nigeria: Google honour "Nigeria At 60" wit Doodle today 1 October 2020

Nigeria Independence Day

Today 1 October, Google Doodle celebrate Nigeria Independence Day, as di kontri dey observe im 60th anniversary dis year 2020!

Na on dis day for 1960, Africa most populous nation declare im independence from British colonial rule.

Di occasion mark di sovereignty and unity of Nigeria 36 states and dem mark am wit fireworks, dancing, and a state banquet.

Ova di years, Independence Day don become opportunity for Nigerians to showcase dia rich and diverse culture, from suya (spicy meat skewer) and jollof rice (one-pot tomato rice) to juju music and afrobeats.

Why Google Doodle honour Nigeria 60th Independence Day

Di artwork for today Doodle na nod to Nigeria's coat of arms— especially di eagle wey represent strength.

Di primary colors of di Doodle na di same as Nigeria national colors: green wey show di kontri agricultural wealth and white wey be marker for unity and peace.

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!