Full moons in October 2020: What to know about di 'moons' wey go show dis month

Full moon for Athens, Greece

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

You sabi say once every three years na thirteen full moon dey show for world instead of twelve?

You sabi say sometimes full moon fit appear two times inside one month?

On di first night of every month you go see one full moon. Di moon dey usually look small dan oda times.

Dis year 2020, na year wey 13 full moon instead of 12 go shine and two full moons na im go show inside dis month of October.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

One go show dis night October 1, and di second one go show on October 31.

Di second full moon na im dem dey call "blue moon" although e no actually dey blue.

If you too dey busy dis night to see dis natural wonder, no worry, di moon go still day full for anoda three nights starting from today.

More to sabi about di moons

Full moon na di phase for moon circle wey you go see di whole moon dey shine bright. E dey happun wen di moon dey on di opposite side of di earth from di sun.

You fit to see di full moon for Nigeria by 10:05pm local time.

Blue moon na di second full moon wey dey appear inside one calendar month. E no dey blue for colour, but sometimes e fit appear bluish if smoke or dust dey for air.