Covid-19: See di 10 most powerful African passports for 2021

Nigerian passport

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Nigerian passport

Inside dis 2021, as you dey plan travel wit your international passport, e go good to sabi wia and wia your kontri passport fit easily cari you enta. Di more kontri your passport fit cari you enta witout visa, di more powerful your passport be.

Every three three months, di Henley Passport Index dey do collabo wit di International Air Transport Association (IATA) to report on how many kontris for di world each kontri passport fit allow pesin wey cari am to enta without getting visa first.

For di first quarter of 2021, dis na Africa 10 most powerful passport according to di Henley Passport Index.

Africa most powerful passports

  • Sychelles na di number one most powerful passport for Africa and e fit cari you enta 151 kontris witout visa.
  • For number two position na Mauritius passport wey fit give you pass to 142 kontri for di world.
  • South Africa na number three for di index. Wit dis kontri passport, you fit enta 101 kontri visa free.
  • Botswana dey follow for back for di number four position wit visa free entry to 85 kontris.

Odas as dem dey follow dem sef back to back na, Naminbia, Lesotho, Eswatini, and Malawi.

Nigeria passport only fit cari pesin wey get am enta 46 kontris visa free, wit Ghana passport you go freely enta 65 kontri, while Cameroon passport go only give you access to 49 kontris witout getting visa first.

Latest informate on di 10 most powerful passport for Africa show say Kenya don drop from di list to become number 11.

While for di overall index, for three years back to back, Japan passport don remain for di number one position as di most powerful passport for di world wey fit cari you go 191 kontri witout visa. Sometime ago, im bin dey drag dis position wit Singapore.

For dis 2021 first quarter index, Singapore na di number two most powerful passport for di world and you fit take am enta 190 kontris.

South Korea and Germany dey di third position togeda.

Di three bottom kontris for di whole world na Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.