World Happiness Report 2021 list Finland as di happiest country, Cameroon beat Ghana and Nigeria and Afghanistan carry last

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Cameroon, Ghana beat Nigeria ontop di latest World Happiness Report wey dem just release.

For di report, Cameroon occupy di 91st position of di world happiest place while Ghana come 95th and Nigeria dey back with 116th position.

Meanwhile, Finland retain di title of di happiest place in di world for a fourth year running, for inside di annual report wey UN dey sponsor.

Di World Happiness Report put Denmark for second place, den Switzerland, Iceland and di Netherlands take third, fourth and fifth.

New Zealand na again di only non-European nation for di top 10. UK fall from 13th to 17th place. While Canada beat UK to occupy di 14th position.

United States occupy 19th position.

Afghanistan occupy di position of di world most unhappy place at 149th position.

How dem take rate am?

Data from analytics researcher Gallup ask pipo for 149 kontries to rate dia own happiness.

Tins like social support, personal freedom, gross domestic product (GDP) and levels of corruption also dey factored into di report.

Di kontri wey dem rate as di most unhappy for di world na Afghanistan, followed by Lesotho, Botswana, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Dem record "significantly higher frequency of negative emotions" in just over a third of di kontries, di report authors say, dem sya e dey likely caused by di effects of di pandemic.

However, tins better for 22 kontries. Several Asian kontries get better rating dan dem get for last year rankings, while China move to 84th place from 94th.

Finland "rank very high on di measures of mutual trust wey help to protect lives and livelihoods during di pandemic", di authors tok.

Di Nordic nation of 5.5 million pipo don manage far better dan di majority of Europe during di pandemic, with just over 70,000 cases and 805 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

According to di report, di 10 happiest kontries na:

1. Finland

2. Denmark

3. Switzerland

4. Iceland

5. Netherlands

6. Norway

7. Sweden

8. Luxembourg

9. New Zealand

10. Austria

While di 10 most unhappy kontries na:

140. Burundi

141. Yemen

142. Tanzania

143. Haiti

144. Malawi

145. Lesotho

146. Botswana

147. Rwanda

148. Zimbabwe

149. Afghanistan